Monday, July 21, 2008

Battle to the Death!

So there I was peacefully lying on the dock, listening to the waves lap, lap, lapping at the rocks, cold soda fizzing by my side, thoroughly engrossed in my first reading of Dune when I snapped bolt upright....I'd forgotten to set up my blog for an automatic update!

Crumbs! I've been working on a mock cover for a nonexistent galactic barbarian comic. Just something to doodle when I get a minute here and there. Only I didn't even have a spare minute to scan the unfinished pencils let alone ready the update. *sigh*

So here I am...late. And with (please don't be angry with me) no Guy a Day update!!!

I drew a few at the cottage. But I was really enjoying Dune and swimming and eating and napping and reading and swimming and I didn't really do a lot of drawing. Now that I'm back I've got quite a lot of work to catch up on. Soooo...I probably won't be updating with the same regularity as I did in June and the beginning of July. But I will be drawing a guy for each day of July, catching up on the days I missed. The cottage inspired a lot of sweaty, sun-soaked images that I really need to sketch.

My apologies, guys. I'll get back on track once I'm caught up with work.

your semi-suntanned summer lover,


GrifterWolf said...

Loving it, this picture's about as great as your Wolfman ones ;) lol great work

-Grifter Wolf

Javier said...

Don't be angry!?!

Was Pope Julius easy on Michelangelo?
Were the di Medici's easy on Leonardo?

I think not.

Were it not for their toughness, we would have no Sistine Chapel and no Last Supper. Of course, it would be easy to say, "Oh no, J (err, Bone, err whatever) sit and relax by the lapping lake. Don't worry about your vision quest/magnum opus Guy a Day blog thingy." But is that really serving the world of art?

Now, as it is, I am leaving on a trip to England on Thursday morning for two weeks. So I will be deprived of a GaD for 4 weeks.

Are you happy, Lakeboy?

I printed Ron Ely out and framed him

Writer said...

I'm glad you are back, though. I was looking forward to more drawings! :)

j. said...

Grifterwolf - Thanks Wolf.

Javier - :) Have a great trip! By the time you return I shall have recommenced my "magnum opus" with numerous updates. All to please thee, Popus Julius!

Writer - Thanks.


Paul Conrad said...

I hope you're gonna ink and color this bad boy!


Andrew W said...

Where'd you go, J? I'm having withdrawals, not getting my recommended daily allowance of guy!

Javier said...



All the way back from England on that looooooong flight home, I was looking forward to a deluge of Gad.

But alas, it was not to be. Perhaps those salad days have come and gone.


j. said...

Paul - That's the plan, man. I also want to do a little adventure story to go with the cover...but time is never on my side.

Andrew - Sorry. I'm back now. Technically I was drawing many Guys a Day...they just weren't Beefcakey guys.

Javier - Hope you had a lovely time in England. I'm gonna do my best to catch up and give you all a regular salad buffet! What's your dressing preference? I usually go with Italian ;)