Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: GaD! July Edition.

These are all guys I saw and snapped shots of at Pride. The guy above was in the crowd and had the best white moustache. I love the way he cuts just a strip of it to bare his chin. He had a great tan which made the moustache stand out even more. He was a lot taller than I've drawn him here... a failing of mine that I tend to draw fairly stocky characters and big heads. I've got to really plan out ahead of time to draw a taller character.

Imagine that the shorts here are orange...just like the shorts the girls at Hooters wear. Super adorable orange shorts. This guy was working with a theatre company and helped me apply an Avenue Q tattoo to my arm.


Javier said...

Its funny that you mention the big head problem. I was just thinking that some of your drawings have a slight fish eye lens quality. Like those ubiquitous dog nose pics, but nowhere near.

The heads and chests pop towards us while the legs recede.

Its good, because it gives the sketch depth and dimension. But if its unintentional, perhaps its time for some long legged lads.

The last sketch looks as if he could be a Pride Poster Boy.

Javier said...

oh and Congrats on your 100 and a half post :)

humbuged said...

Great stuff as usual man! :D Love the sketches :)

j. said...

Javier - Exactly. It's unintentional (for the most part...I am a chest and face man :) so it's important that I challenge myself to work on the "problem". I used to draw everyone 4 heads tall so I've come a long way in that regard!

And thanks!

Humbuged - Thanks.