Monday, August 11, 2008

Guy a Day returns!

Travel with me back to the's July 11th, the weather is hot and muggy with a high chance of rain. We're at the cottage deep in the wilds of Northern Canada. We've been swimming, lounging on the dock...letting go of the stresses of city living. Meat sizzles on the barbecue. We pop the tab on our soda (substitute favourite alcoholic beverage) and guzzle away our thirst.

The only two drawings I did at the cottage. All I had was lined paper. Maybe forgetting to bring blank copy paper was my subconscious telling me to relax the old drawing hand for the week.

The above two are Pride holdovers. I'd actually already inked the drawing of the skateboarder and so threw it into the batch. He was super cute and I love the casual way he boarded. The Daddy is loosely based on an actual fella hanging out on Church st. Not especially my type but I liked the way he wore his shorts!

Drawn after the week at the cottage, but with fond memories of jumping into the lake. When I'm older I hope I'm able to own a cottage...and have several art proteges who will visit to swim in my lake. I'll be the James Whale of the comic book scene :)


James Figueiredo said...

Whoa, what an awesome batch, man!
The last one looks superfun, and I LOVE the "whaaaaat, dude?" vibe of the skateboarder!

And being the James Whale of the comic book scene - Hah, now THAT's something to aspire to!


Writer said...

Love the belly flop or is that a cannonball! Glad to see you're posting again!

Javier said...

Glad to have you back :)

Its funny how rough sketches make points so well. You have such a good grasp of weight and action. The skateboarder really looks as if he is standing on the board (as opposed to floating on it). And the the guy jumping in the lake...

I saw it and thought, "How cute, but the pose is a bit extreme." Then last night I was watching the Mens Beach Volleyball in the Olympics, and one of the guys hit the exact same pose as he spiked a ball over the net.

PS. As far as my salad dressing preferences, I had an unfortunate situation with "Italian" a few years back. So I have sworn off of it. :)

j. said...

James - Indeed. I only need to amass a huge fortune and fantastic success in the Gay art scene to achieve my goal.

Writer - It could easily become a butt-flop which can often hurt just as much as a belly-flop.

Javier - I missed the men's beach volleyball?! Dang! I probably already missed the diving too, didn't I!
A shame about the "Italian"...but one should never let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch.


Art by Andy Bauer said...

Fun sketches! It's great to see them. Thanks for sharing. =)