Monday, October 20, 2008

Guy a Day! Follicle Guys!

"Mr. Natural" has a full chest and stomach of hair that may also continue to grow up over his shoulders and down the other side. Stomach hair weaves its way into the pants, down the legs and stops somewhere around the toes. "Mr. Natural" is commonly found in the bear family tree although the ectomorphic members are often referred to as "Otters".
From Bears we go to the barely hairy. The "Eyelashes" are little tufts of hair that grow around the nipples of a man's chest and no where else (although sometimes there is a small sprout between the pecs it does not connect with the lashes). Too often a guy with "eyelashes" trims or shaves them off perhaps out of embarassment at the inability to grow a fuller chest of hair?

And finally there's the "Hairless" man. No hair at all on his chest or stomach...naturally. This does not include those who shave their bodies for streamlining or vanity. Those guys have body hair they just choose, heaven knows why, to remove it. The "hairless" man may have light dustings of hair elsewhere on his body but this hair is often so faint as to be non-existent. Also not to be confused with Alopecia which is the involuntary loss of hair. This guy just simply does not grow much hair on his body. It's as simple, and unfortunate, as that.
p.s. I'm just teasing the hairless or less hairy. I happen to enjoy a hairy man but not everyone does. Certainly I would have to sweep my bathroom floor a whole lot less often if I weren't so hairy myself.


musclsvg said...

Hey! Three great new drawings. Thanks! Was the second one with the stud climbing out of the pool prompted by my remarks on October 14th's "Guy a Day"? It's always hot to see water running down a well developed physique and causing the basket of wet speedo to cling even closer. The rear view of the hairy legged guy with the lycra trainer stretched across his rock hard butt made the pic even better.

One hairy chested subject of yours, The Ape King, has been a long standing favorite. I was lucky enough to see it at the Antebellum Gallery when it was exhibited as part of "Toonfetish". Your ink drawing left me wanting to see more of the Ape King in action as well as the captured, naked wildman he regards from his throne.

As hot as body hair can be, I've got to say your third offering was also terrific. Bald, with an incredibly built hairless bod, this kind of guy always makes me think of some nomad or savage that must wander through a barren and rocky futuristic domain. A fugitive, he must always be on the lookout for those who would enslave him for his strong, virile, perfectly chiseled physique.

humbuged said...

these are absolutely terrific, man :) I love the stylized way you draw. Very blocky, yet it feels organiz :D

Javier said...

You know I just realized...

For someone who likes drawing hairy chested, retro hero types with great hair, why no Sean Connery as James Bond?

He seems like the perfect choice for a J Bone paper doll. The classic white dinner jacket. The Thunderball bathing suit and speargun. The Dr. No Shorts and tight shirt.

j. said...

Musclsvg - Coincidence of coincidences...I had that drawing done before your comment but it made your comment all the more terrific. Too bad I'd used that particular scene to illustrate an almost hairless dude...which is why I added the hairy legs to compensate.
I'm so happy to hear you saw my Ape King at Antebellum. The guy who bought it is a loincloth fan and wrote me a nice e-mail. I've got a whole story worked out with the Ape King, which of course I haven't had time to draw. One day all of these dream projects will come to light.

Humbuged - Thanks, guy.

Javier - Oooh, Sean Connery. I remember seeing the photos of him in his body building days and falling in love all over again. I guess the reason I don't do celebrity drawings is that my likenesses are questionable at best. I'll often loosely base a character on an actor or celeb (Roger Rodgers is Ricky Martin, for example).

What think you of the new Bond, Daniel Craig? I think he's di-voon! Love the swimsuit scene from Casino Royale.


Javier said...

Rodger Rodgers is Ricky Martin ?!?

Well then thank heaven for your lack of celebrity likeness ability, for I love one and can't really relate to the other.

I actually like Daniel Craig lots. He is the first Bond is Connery that has that sort of "street smart" quality. I liked Casino Royale, except I felt that the director shot Craig a little too lovingly throughout. The swimsuit scene was fun, but we then got the same slow mo thing happening when Bond tied his shoe and such.
AND I couldn't stand Eva Green as Vesper Lynd.

musclsvg said...

I'd like to second Javier's motion. A J Bone paper doll of James Bond would be fantastic! As for creating a celebrity likeness, I wouldn't worry about. It would be fun to see your take on how 007 should look. As for actors that have portrayed Bond, the list, for me, begins with Sean Connery and ends with Daniel Craig. Everyone else came off as cardboard, plastic or both. "Casino Royale" is the first Bond film I haven't groaned through since Sean Connery left the roll. Daniel Craig is street smart and tough and looks great in either a tux or trunks.

Thanks for adding the hairy legs to the pic of the stud getting out of the swimming pool. The way the bottom of the speedo crests over his butt is so hot!

Glad to hear you have a story in mind for "The Ape King". I look forward to seeing it as well as the aforementioned "Week of Loincloths". The prospect of such projects is so tantalizing. You would be just teasing us? Would you?

musclsvg said...

Make that: "The prospect of such projects is so tantalizing. You wouldn't be just teasing us? Would you?

Geez, I wish you could go back and edit these comments. I'm the worst proofreader and there always seems to be something I've missed. Sorry.

Yziik said...

I've just discover your blog!!! I'm completly impressed!
It makes me want to draw immediately!

I think I'll come here every days, to see what's new on your world!


DrawFellas said...

Not fair! I love hairy guys but nature is cruel... I am the proud owner of about 4 chest hairs only. Sigh! Great drawings by the way!