Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Joshing!

You wanted more Josh so here he is! This one is sort of tough guy with a smirk...just to let you know that he knows you're checking him out.

We're working on some fun ideas together, Josh and I. So I hope you guys like him as a model. Not to worry, though, that I've stopped drawing other types of guys. Roger Rodgers will appear in something new (and something old) rather the very least by Spring. Jett is not forgotten! Once I wrap up my issue of Super Friends I plan to use the next month to get Jett Vector back into production! And if I can figure out how to make a PDF I will do my best to put together a collection of art in some sort of book form. I've got so much more art that you guys haven't seen on this blog...and that I haven't seen myself for some time.

This will be the Summer of Bonesmen or my name is Mud!
Mud ;)

p.s. Congratulations, Josh. You've just been given a Bonesmen Blog Label!


musclsvg said...

Great drawing! Who could blame you for wanting to do more work with a live model of this calibre? The hairy torso and the half open fly showing some of his pubes are very hot. Could you be giving us a hint about Josh's "hidden talents" with the way you've drawn the belt and buckle hanging from his jeans? It would explain the "cock sure" attitude in his glance. I know you don't do nudes on this blog, but could you at least give us a pose of Josh in a Speedo or a jockstrap? You could even put him in a g-string and include him in that week of loincloths you mentioned a few months back.

Fran├žois said...

I think you've found your perfect model. He seems to get the best out of you.
Which issue of Super Friends are you doing, by the way?

j. said...

Musclsvg - Ah, you make me blush. I'm not sure what you mean about the belt...I never include phallic imagery in my drawings ;)
Speedo and jockstrap have already been talked about. As well as more "costume" type outfits. I think we're both having fun here playing with the cliches of Beefcake. As for the loincloth drawings...I've sketched out a few ideas but haven't had the chance to finalize anything. What I'd really like to do is a bigger image with multiple loin cloth guys, picking from the many that have appeared in pop culture.
I'd love it if you suggested some of your own favourites, Musclsvg, either in another comment or e-mail me through my blog contact info. The final might be something I'd like to get done as a print.

Francois - I sorta think so too. I'm incredibly inspired to do good drawings of Josh because sees the final art. Generally I'm just drawing from photos or made up men who's opinions are...non-existent. But I also think I'm inspired by, and I'm like a broken record but it's nonetheless true, Josh is really quite a terrific person. I'm trying to get some of his personality in the drawings.

I'm really thrilled that you guys are digging the latest drawings. I've been passing on the good word to Josh (who's actually a reader of the blog so we'd better watch what we say about him).


hockeyguynyc said...

What a great thing to find this morning... new Josh art. It's fantastic as always. He's such a great looking guy. I am, of course, looking forward to what's next.

j. said...

Hockeyguynyc - Thanks, guy. I, too, look forward to each session with Josh and the resulting flurry of drawing that follows. He's quite an inspiration.


Andy said...

All this Josh-n-around! You certainly have hit "gold" here with all of us and even yourself! I am soooo jealous of your modeling sessions! Do you think it's possible you could video tape over your shoulder so us fans could see your pad sketching with Josh in the background? ...for educational purposes, of course!! ;)

Seriously would buy prints, etc. SIGN ME UP!!

j. said...

Andy - Video tape a session? Hmmm...Josh may not have a problem with it but I think I'd be unable to draw with "someone watching" :) How about a step-by-step? I could post the life drawing, the photo (which I usually take as the pose starts so that I can reference it later) and the final image (which itself goes through a few stages).

I'll want Josh's okay before I post any photos, but the process is certainly something I can put together.

We're currently trying to figure out just what we want to come of all this work lately. Both Josh and I are eager to work more together. We shall see what comes of it all.


j. said...

Oh, Francois asked what Super Friends I was working on and I forgot to answer.
I'm drawing issue #15. I can't give away too much but Bat-Mite makes an appearance...I've said too much already :)