Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guy a Day!

Oh dear, my grand "Guy a Day" plans continue to limp we are in the bitter chill of January's grasp and GaD warms it's face in the waning light of August. I had notes and sketches enough to take me through September (probably), but I just couldn't keep up, could I. 

I'm not giving up. August have it's final days drawn, and then I think I'll start fresh with some January images. I can no longer ignore how cold it is. Nor how impossible it is to get glimpses of bared flesh. If you want to see nudity in winter (and you're single) you just have to pay for joining a Gym. What did you think I meant?

Monday's and Thursday's are still my update days, though I'm not always weekly (as many of you know). I'm already really excited about some of the plans I've got for this year. 2009 will definitely see the publication of a sketchbook and/or calendar of my drawings. 



Fran├žois said...

I'd love, love, love a thick sketchbook of your drawings. But please don't do only a calendar. Not enough drawings there :)

And as usual, nice variety of guys here.

Anonymous said...

thats some cute style you got there!
I like this A Guy a Day idea! hahahah!
I really like how you make Cartoon so charmingly sexy :3

musclsvg said...

Like the way the first drawing contrasts with the seccond and third. You start with two studs who are really built and barely covered. Then you show how clothing does not necessarily obscure what's beneath. The chest and arms on No. 2 are fantastic and the dorsal cleavage on the hot bod of No. 3 states the question: Do clothes hide are heighten? A little mystery is good. It gets the mind and imagination going. That coupled with a challenge like the backward glance of No. 3 says, "You want to see what I've got. Go ahead. See how far you get and what you find." That's a game that is never boring. Nice job Bone!

musclsvg said...

P.S.: The broad chest and big guns of the second stud are really hot! Like the way his physique tapers to the slim hips with the nice package and long legs.

Patricio OLiver said...


is there any portrait of you?

j. said...

Francois - A thick sketchbook, eh? Hmm...I've got about 8 years worth of Beefcake sketches in analogue and digital formats. You've got me thinking it should be my next project.

Or I'll hire an assistant to put it all together for me! :)

Kaw Kun - Thank you.

Musclsvg - Fantastic analysis. You nailed all of my personal favourite "moments". And if you're a fan of dorsal cleavage (as I am) I'll be posting a sketch on Monday that is sure to brighten your day.
The second guy is my idealized version of a guy I used to see at the bars. He really had those broad shoulders and that narrow waist. Oh, how he would ignore me as he cruised the room.

Patricio - Portrait of me? No, sir.