Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sketchbook Doodles!

On Monday I met up with Josh for a coffee. On entering the shop I noticed a long and lean, very good looking guy stretched out over the chairs, working on his laptop. After getting my drink I intentionally took another long look at the guy and he stared right back. Why, you might wonder, was I checking out some other guy when the adorable Josh was sitting right across from me? A reasonable question. Though Josh is most definitely incredibly easy to look at, an artist finds that he needs variety :)

Regrettably I failed to say a word to the coffee-man, even though I was fully braced to do so as he was leaving. I chickened out at the last second. It's a lesson I'll remember next time I see a cute guy I want to chat with. I only want to draw him/them anyway. *wink-wink*
With variety in mind I present a few collected pages from my sketchbook. I carry around a small hard cover book with me pretty much at all times. It's just one of those that you'd find in any art supply store. I fill the pages with people I see out on the street, in the subway, at restaurants or just ones that I make up. I draw directly in marker so my "style" is different than what you're accustomed to. I've got several books full of these type of drawings so, no doubt, quite a few will be included in the sketchbook(s).



Josh said...

Why you two-timing art-slut! How could you? How am I going to compete? Guess I'll have to up my game somehow...

j. said...

Aw, Joshie. You know I loves ya!

Still...if you want to up your game I can think of a few ways...


François said...

Ah, the hard life of an artist... staring at cute guys, trying to muster the courage to talk to them. I so pity you.

But seriously, I really like the "looseness" of those sketches. They would make a good balance in a sketchbook with the finished drawings you usually post on this blog.

j. said...

François - I accept your pity. The life of an artist is often pitiful.

Pages of sketches like this is where I would most likely place many drawings, small sized. They don't need to be large to "appreciate" them. No details to absorb or lush linework. Simple. Like a pile of bent wire.


Frater Gymnos said...

thanks for sharing your sketches as well as your habit... i have a black, bound book, but i am afraid to put anything messy in it - so it's still blank!

j. said...

Frater - Fill it up, man. That's what it's there for. Buy two. Tell yourself that one is just for filling with everything...sketches, notes about your day, overheard conversations, shopping lists. Everything and anything. The second one is precious. It's only for studied, well thought out drawings. You take the second one with you to galleries and for drawing at the zoo. The messy one is in you backpack, back pocket, stuck in the waistline of your jeans...whatever it takes to have it with you at all times. And always have a pen handy.

I will also confess that I never ever draw on the first page of a sketchbook. That's the precious page. Every other page is fair game. And if I don't like what I've drawn I scribble it out or, better yet, draw a character pointing out how bad I think the drawing is.

It's your book. Who's judging what's good or bad about what you put in it?


musclsvg said...

The pages from your sketchbook are a real insight. I can see a number of items that might have been the germ of an idea that ended up a finished drawing here. Your sketchbook is like a series of post-its for your creative processes. Really cool to see the way you work.

Attention Josh: From your comment do you mean to say you don't look back at guys that look at you? Sure!!! Cut Bones some slack. It's not like he threw coffee on the guys crotch and said, "Ooops, how clumsy of me. Here, let me help you out of those wet pants."

j. said...

Musclsvg - Where were you on Monday with that excellent suggestion! Not only would I have had his attention I would have seen him in at least his underwear...right on the first "date"!

As to the're right. There are a few of the guys here who ended up as Guy a Day drawings. The last page's cowboy, for example. I saw him while riding my bike and stopped at the next convenient place to sketch him out. And, yes, I could really see his equipment running halfway down his thigh. Most impressive.


p.s. Note to self: try spilling liquid as an opener.

Javier said...

Hi J,

FYI. I received my J Bone pillow in the mail. I would give CafePress an A+ for delivery.

As for the pillow itself, its cute as a novelty. The pillow part of it is a bit inexpensive (cheap), but it IS removable. So I can buy an upgrade and restuff it. The pillowcase itself is made out of a bedsheet weight cotton.

The execution of image itself, I would give a B+. It looks a bit as if some of the green blocking "dirtied" up some of the white. Just a bit mind you. And while the blocking and the black lines are fine, the fleshtones on the figure highlight the pixelation used to make the image.

I know its intentional, but close up it makes the printing look a bit inexpensive.

But its fine from far away, because it makes the image glow a bit. Already, he is kinda growing on me, smiling in his corner of the room.

musclsvg said...

Glad I could help Bones. All though I'm not sure acosting a good looking stud with hot liquids could be considered a "date". However, you might have scored a good look and possible material for future artwork. 'Cause you were looking at him purely as a subject for artistic expression. Right?(Are you listening Josh? If you are, I didn't buy that either!)

Interesting story about the cowboy with the long rope in his jeans. My one question is: Who was sketching you when you stopped to sketch him? It's hard to conceal the length to which your art extends when you're wearing lycra bicycle shorts. Talk about getting pumped up from doing cardio!

j. said...

Javier - Thanks for the info on the pillow. That was my concern...I'm not 100% happy with CafePress t-shirts because of the printing. I thought the half-tone screen might give cloth printed items a unique quality. Still working out the best approach.

The coffee mug with Vargas-Josh looks good...although the skin tone darkened in the printing, and the red stands out I actually quite like the result. Josh looks tanned and the darker skin makes his eyes and smile 'pop'.

The magnet and postcards look AWESOME! If I may be so bold. The printing is fabulous. The image on both products is the first mirror drawing with the black background. Very, very impressed with them. The book also turned out well. I like the cover stock and the quality of the paper inside is good. I'm using the book as a journal and writing with my drawing pens there is no bleed-through.

I still haven't received my Zazzle t-shirts so they, so far, get a C-.

Musclsvg - You've got quite an imagination, my friend :) I'm a casual cyclist at best, and was most likely wearing khaki shorts or jeans. No lycra for this string-bean. No siree.

And I'm all about the art. No interest in my models! Other than presenting them in a flattering light and drawing them to the best of my abilities.

Right, Josh?

p.s. And if you believe that last statement I have bridge for sale in New York, a dollar a foot!

Andy said...

I love your sketches! They remind me a bit of Alex Toth's work that I saw in a collection of his animation work (Hanna Barbara?). Anyways, it's about capturing a character and you can certainly do that. ;)

Love the "rough trade" trucker looks, but also the daddy pushing the baby (in the park?). They're all quite sweet in their own way, really. And the svelte boy in shorts and buzz cut wins hands down over cowboy for sporting the "longest hose in public"! ;)

BTW J.Bone, if you see something you like... SAY SOMETHING! That's how I met my fiancé! :)