Monday, June 08, 2009

Wiggam Does It Again!

Wow! Michael Wiggam, colorist supreme, hit a home run with this one! I love the light color outline around the jock and his buddy! The coloring of his football jersey is also cool. . He's created a dreamy silhouette with the darker foreground elements and fantastic use of monochrome for the background helps all the right stuff stand out!



musclsvg said...

Talk about good getting better! This is a homerun that cleared all the bases first. The color composition is fantastic and the highlight and shading on the jersey makes the bicep look even bigger. The darker foreground gives an intimacy to the two figures. As if the stud on the left just suggested something erotic to "lockerboy". Looks like he's up for it from the bulge in his denim package. The glimpse of "lockerboy"'s lower abs and a few pubes just turns up the heat even more. The original was terrific Bone, but synergy created by adding Wiggam's shading makes it even hotter and more fantastic! OOoowwhhHH!!!

P.S.: Is the fact that the locker is 13B significant? Just wondering.

Javier said...

Its nice but there is one tiny thing missing from the little J Bone character. Because the tiny reflected pupil is missing from the eye, you can't see that he is looking at the jocks midsection. Instead it looks as if he is looking at the two jocks talking.

Thus it gives the image more a feeling of unease than desire.

All for the want of a tiny spec.

SCARCEXL said...

13B is a member and number to remeber! :p

j. said...

Musclsvg - I take it you like it? :)
The locker number has no meaning...or at least not a meaning I can remember intending.

Javier - Y'know, I noticed that myself...I'm always hesitant to point out things. Michael's coloring my stuff on his own time and all that so I don't suggest changes, but if this was going into print I'd probably have done a little nip n' tuck on the eye.

Overall, it's still a lovely bit of coloring, yes?

Xavier - Indeed!


Javier said...

Yes, it is a lovely piece of coloring.

But not to use a pun, that fleck is the focal point of the picture, isn't it? And it redirects us to what the artist wants us to see..

Michael E Wiggam said...

The fleck is there. It's likely not as apparent at this resolution, so I should brighten it up.
If you see I drew your eye to the background kid regardless by putting a rich blue on his glasses to reflect the blue of the jock's jeans (and then in the jock's eyes to keep the storytelling in this nice triangle). Likewise, the jock's belt buckle reflects back some of the colors of the background kid.

Sidenote: I wondered the same thing about 13B, J. haha

musclsvg said...

Thanks Mr. Wiggam. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices details like "13 B". Congratulations! You're work here is just fantastic!!!