Monday, July 27, 2009

Devil of a Time!

Last week the incredibly talented Mr. Michael Wiggam sent me three more colored Guy a Day drawings! I love what he did with these, as I've loved all the pics. The bottom night scene is particularly beautiful. Thanks, Michael!
This past weekend was the Second Annual Toronto Burlesque Festival! After missing it last year I was determined to see as much of the event as possible this year! And I'm glad as heck that I did! I saw so many fantastic performances that I've been drawing burlesque ladies all weekend. Recently men have started to perform burlesque...called "Boylesque", they've been hitting the stage with the gals! The highlight of my weekend (besides getting to see the delicious Coco Framboise perform live) was seeing the amazing HOT TODDY, not once but TWICE!! He is astounding! Words can't do justice to his act, you've got to see it for yourself. It's no wonder he won Best Boylesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2009 awards in Las Vegas this year.

I saw him first in his Devil act, the end result of which you see here. Two nights later he blew me away again in a pajama and pillow routine alongside Toronto's own Boylesque troupe. The boys were great, but Hot Toddy was clearly the star of the show!

More Hot Toddy drawings are in the works!



Tanya Cheex said...

I love your work! Did you forward this to Hot Toddy?
Tanya Cheex

musclsvg said...

What a treat! More of Michael Wiggam's work and an a new original from you. It's hard to believe it's been a year since your Guy-a-Day Series. All three of Michael's colorings are great, but the musclestud in the twilight surrounded by fireflies has a lyric sensuality like none I've seen. Nice work Mr. Wiggam!

Like the song says, "You Gotta Have a Gimmick" and Hot Toddy must have it in pitchforks and spades. It's hard to imagine anything hotter than your graphic Bone. You do justice to the performer and then some. The figure really pops against your jagged background that looks like another devil's trident. Then the smoke plume skull and the pixelated filter work make things even hotter. You've turned Satan into "Muscltofeles"!

P.S.: When is Lord Rima due back from summer vacation?

j. said...

Tanya - Thanks. I have, indeed, sent this along to Mr. Toddy! He was pleased :) I was just now looking through your Facebook album of Burlesque Fest photos. So many incredible costumes, so many beautiful people!

Musclsvg - You describe that blue image by Michael so well. "Lyric sensuality" is perfect!

"Muscletofeles"!! Brilliant! Ooh...I just thought of another - B.L. Zee Buff!

Lord Rimah is still in my thoughts...I've been lax with him and Jett. Gotta get cracking if I'm ever to get those done.


Patricio OLiver said...

J Ive realized that Ive send you the email to a hotmail address and not to the gmail, I hope you could come aboard on the Maurice Project, I really like your work. if not I would understand, cheers!