Monday, September 28, 2009

Rough Men!

What do you do when you're out at the bar, surrounded by hot tattooed and muscled men, and you absolutely MUST draw them but you haven't brought your sketchbook and the bar seems to be completely out of napkins? I'll tell you what I do. I grab one of those free newspapers available in nearly every city (you know, the ones promoting music/art/movie events in the city as well as their own political agendas). Find some open areas on ad pages, grab your pen (which you always carry around in your pocket) and draw, draw, draw!
I scribbled down these doodles at Woody's on Sunday night. First was the new bartender (bottom left) who is just simply adorable. Then the tattooed guys (middle and upper right). I couldn't stop staring at them because they were both incredible, were having a great time and the tall one in the dark shirt "spoke" sign language with a cute blonde chick. All my staring caught their attention (which, really, isn't that what I wanted to happen anyway? :) and the shorter guy and I chatted for a bit.
I'll be doing real and better illustrations of these guys but for now I wanted to get these doodles up. I make sketches like this often and then turn them into proper drawings later sieve-like brain often forgets details and the doodles help remind me of important stuff like the arm tattoos, the fact that the tall guy had the cutest little overbite and both ears pierced, and that the new Woody's busboy wore his cap backwards.



musclsvg said...

This is so great! So many excellent ideas. Intriguing, yet frustrating. It really makes me want to see the final product. Plus the idea of you out sketching these denizens of the night is really cool. This is how it must have been for the French artists that chronicled the nightlife and entertainers of the Parisian cafe's and dance halls of the late 1800's. Because of them we have a glimpse of a people and period in time that can't be re-captured. When these sketchs become finalized works I'm sure they'll be tres bon and tres Bone. Fantastique!

SCARCEXL said...

The weather seems fine all the way there! All those cute guys in wifebeater.

j. said...

Musclsvg - Merci beaucoup! I've never considered the sketches of the French artists when out scribbling away on newsprint at a bar. It elevates the craft a little when put in such a light. I always just think I look anti-social. :)

Xavier - That night was a particularly fine night. I had a sweater with me just in case it turned but it didn't. And in fairness to wives the world over the acceptable term is "tank top" or "a-shirt". ;)

Here's a dude wearing an A-Shirt (short for Athletic shirt):


SCARCEXL said...

Thanks about the correction. I found the term so offensive at first that I had a hard time using it. "Well, today, I'm gonna wear my wifebeater shirt!" lol .
I'm kinda relieved it's not the case.
This guy from the link is... hugely loveable! :D

grapestain said...

Maybe I should have gone with you. I'm just chicken. I'll come with you to Woody's one of these days. I'd like to see you in your natural habitat, all shy and stuff. I'll make you go talk to those nice boys. I can half picture you blushing and kicking at the floor already.