Thursday, September 10, 2009

Man Camp! Bears in the Wood!

What follows are the pages of my sketchbook from my weekend at Man Camp! An all-male, clothing optional, slightly roughing it extravaganza! I had a lot of fun, especially once I got up the nerve to actually talk to some of the guys I'd been drawing. In fact I stopped one of the guys from leaving his seat because I wasn't done drawing him yet...he obliged with an even better pose than the one I'd started.

Above is the guy who specifically posed for me. I didn't quite get his features right in the first drawing (which is the one on the right) so I drew him again as he chatted with his friends (the drawing on the left). I think the second turned out better.

The guy labeled "White Beard" was far, far, far more attractive than I managed to capture. He's going to have to get a re-draw and color. He had a snow white beard, tanned skin and the most incredible body I've ever seen in my entire life! His boyfriend was equally gorgeous and we talked a few times and Mr. Beard offered to pose nude for me. I think I may have babbled something along the lines of "Yeah! Buh...uh...guh!"
The leather man was as near a Tom of Finland man as you're likely to find in real life. He showed up to one of the night parties in this outfit and I did my best to memorize the details for this drawing. I can confirm as fact that, "equipment" also met the requirements of a Tom of Finland man. Indeed!

The full body pose is my interpretation of the Tom of Finland dude...he really did have the awesome proportions of a broad shouldered, narrow wasted Tom Man! His butt was so adorably small and firm. *sigh*

And there you have it. Four days of sketching by the pool, roughing it in the wilds of South-western Ontario! If you've ever got the urge to go camping I highly recommend The Point. Weekends are always the busiest time so book your spot early!

In web news, Queerclick did a little piece on my blog and were very complimentary. Always happy to help the boys and their boners ;)



musclsvg said...

Hey Bone! Sounds like you had a great, and much deserved, getaway. It would appear that there was no short supply of bearded, lantern jaws at The Point. Going by the pages you posted the woods must have been full of them! It's always great to get a glimpse inside your sketchbook. It's an insight into your creative process. There's always one that really stands out for me. This time it was the guy in the lower right corner of the very first page. Seated in a chair and resting his forearms on his knees he looks very hot behind those sunglasses. Nice job! Are any of the other sketches of the same stud? It amazes me when you say you have to work up the nerve to talk to people. It would seem that when men see your drawings or actually sketching it would provide an easy opening for conversation. Any way, welcome back. Looks like it was fun to be outdoors gathering nuts and hairies.

SCARCEXL said...

Well, you sure notice this guy with the sunglasses OVER his cap! :p
I would have made fun of him because he was wearing it over the cap but he really seems....loveable so I would have shut up for sure!
Ahhhhh small grey beard on a muscle bear...slurp!

Jeff said...

Great stuff! Sounds like camping was fun and you certainly had some good sights to see too.
Thanks for sharing the trip! I'm going to check out The Point too. Sounds fun.

j. said...

Musclsvg - I don't think there are any more of the seated guy. I'm trying to remember now who he was...I can recognize a few of the guys that I drew and then eventually met. The reason I find it hard to talk to the guys is that I blush easily. I also don't want to dote and I'm more often than not drawing dudes I think are hot. It's easy to get tongue tied, stammer and altogether seem like a dolt when meeting a good looking guy.

I try to let my drawings do the talking most of the time. They're probably more eloquent than I am.

Xavier - I didn't realize how many times I'd drawn the same guy :) Ha. I was really trying to get his face because he had such a great beard coupled with a wry little smirk. Very adorable!

Jeff - The Point is most definitely fun. I highly recommend it. I stayed on the Primitive site (space for about three tents, a picnic table and a fire pit - no electric or H2O) but you can also rent hooked up trailers/cabins. I'm not sure if you can rent someone else' cabin or if you need bring your own.

Oh, and there's a very interesting wooded trail with cabins and equipment for more adult activities...very interesting ;)


Sph1nx said...

Hey dude, its hard to talk to them face to face without fumbling the words nor getting hard hahahahaha. We gotta work on that dude hahaha but if ya pass by montreal, ill try and help ya out with tha talking hahahaha.

grapestain said...

Maybe you just need a "beard" to cover your blush.