Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bear Bar Doodles!

Last week was Woody's 20th anniversary and they celebrated by throwing a big party with plenty of food, cake, and drag queens! It was fantastic! And fantastically packed! I think every hot guy in the city was out for the festivities. I finally met the guy from the previous post, the one in the baseball tee. Practice makes perfect, and I'm working on what I call my "Man Courage". One day I'll be comfortable approaching just any ol' guy and introducing myself.
The above drawing is my memory sketch of a guy at the Woody's party who grabbed my attention and held it all night. He was just incredible looking. He was wearing a nice white plaid shirt (is plaid a color or just the pattern?) and an adorable smile (a good sign that someone is actually fun to be around). I got his attention as he passed me at one point just to introduce myself. *sigh*

These two pages are holdovers from the weekend at Man Camp (The Point). Mostly trying to capture the hotness of the guy who posed for me. He had a very sexy smirk, that one did!

Halloween is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to an evening of incredible costumes and eye-candy!



Writer said...

I believe plaid is the pattern. All your men are very hot: hopefully next time you can talk more to the man in the white plaid with the adorable smile. :)

musclsvg said...

More glimpses from your sketchbook is always fun, but this time it's part of your copy that sticks in my brain: "...looking forward to an evening of incredible costumes and eye candy!" Which leads me to ask: What would be the your ultimate Halloween costume design? The holiday is still two weeks away. Plenty of time to turn out a drawing. What do you say? You could even use "the guy" as your model. What would he look like if you were to strip him down and re-dress him any way you liked?I always wish that Halloween was in the summer months. In warmer weather the costumes could be briefer showing more skin and muscle. That shouldn't be a problem here since your sketchbook is not bound by any climate restricitons. Speaking of restrictions, if you have too many ideas you could do a number of renderings and put them up for a readers' vote. Sounds great to me, but then I may have taken too many "pushy bastard" pills this morning.

SCARCEXL said...

Awww, what is this planet you're living? I want hot guys at every corner and party too!
Awww, that's cute that you are too shy to introduce yourself to other men but really, you have a massive tool of seduction into your hand: your ability to draw! I know that I can't resist to a man when I see him drawing, that's such an amazing and sexy (when the guy has nice hands or arms) ability !

grapestain said...

Dude..there was a party with cake and you didn't ask me to be your wingman? Come ON.

j. said...

Writer - I hope I see him again, too.

Musclsvg - Strangely enough a series of Halloween drawings is something I've been trying to work on. I want to sketch "Hot" versions of all the classic costumes...though I've already got my Monster Beach characters which are beefcake Universal horror monsters, I'd like to do costumes as if they were worn by hot guys.

Great minds...

Xavier - I and my "massive tool" thank you for the compliment :) I realize that I'm probably now seeking out men who look like real-life versions of the guys I like to draw. The white plaid shirt guy, for example, is nearly what I draw anyway. I try to use my tool sparingly so that it doesn't lose its novelty.

Grapestain - You can be my wingman anytime, Maverick!


musclsvg said...

Thanks for be open to my comments. I had forgotten about you "Monster Beach" characters. All though there's one Universal ghoul I'd still like to see you tackle. We may have even talked about this. A while back I saw a photo of the guy who played "The Creature from The Black Lagoon" out of his rubber costume. He had a great powerful physique. He'd have to if he was able to swim underwater in that bulky disguise! I remember thinking how erotic it would be to see a "Creature" that just had scales on a hot, male body. No latex, just lust. Any way, seeing your "Monster Beach" drawings reminded me of a pleasantly stimulating thought. Thanks! Hopefully your schedule will permit you to act on some of your ideas. I'll look forward to Halloween. What a perfect time to see something from your monster, "monster", tool!

P.S.: I'll lay off the "pushy bastard" pills for a while!

Sph1nx said...

Hey dude,

Good luck on the courage part, it takes a while to build up but it'll grow as long as ya trying dude !

j. said...

Musclsvg - I've actually already done some of the drawings this week. I'd like to color 'em but if time doesn't permit, well, I'll just have to put up the sketches, eh! Chatting with one of the Woody's bartenders I learned that the theme for Halloween night at the bar is "Bordello of Blood". Bartenders are required to dress up, or down. Costumes usually start with shirtless as a base...I drew up some ideas for this particular bartender and will post those drawings.

Sph1nx - Thanks, man. Courage is already growing. Practice is the key. Also removing goal is simple introduction at this point. Any more beyond that is bonus.