Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buy Canadian!

Act now! Act Fast! I drew this Wolverine last summer, which was fabulously inked by the amazing Darwyn Cooke! It is now being auctioned, and I quote Shuster's organizer Kevin Boyd - "All profits from the sale of this original artwork goes towards the operating costs for the JOE SHUSTER CANADIAN COMIC BOOK CREATOR AWARDS. The 6th annual Joe Shuster Awards will be presented on SATURDAY, JUNE 5th, 2010 in TORONTO, CANADA at the University of Toronto's INNIS TOWN HALL starting at 8PM. "
Above colors are by talented Michael Wiggam -- the original is not in color. I just thought you'd all enjoy Michael's beautiful work. He sent this to me last year and I'd neglected to post it! Foolish me!
This is the original you'll be bidding on if you choose to go for it!



Andy said...

Oh my hairy goodness! If I wasn't sooo incredibly poor I'd bid large for this. Unfortunately for me the high bid is too rich for my blood.
*commence weeping*

grapestain said...

Boys, boys, this hairy heman can be YOURS to lovingly gaze at from your bed/computer desk/couch/boyfriend's hairline. Bid already!

Lou W said...

I agree with Andy! Wish I could afford to bid on this, but I've been unemployed for awhile now.

Your header reminds me of a time I got out of a speeding ticket in New Brunswick some years ago. I was about 2k from the US border and was caught in a speed trap going about 20km over the speed limit. The officer looked into my back seat, and saw it was full of Canadian books, DVDs, and lots of souveniers. He let me go with a warning, saying that I had already contributed quite a bit to the Canadian economy!

Alden V said...

Great linework and coloring!!!

j. said...

Andy - Ah, well. There's always the jpeg :)

Grapestain - Thanks for the push, sweetie! The bidding ended at $127.50 Canadian. Not bad.

Lou W - Canada thanks you! :) Right now the Canadian dollar is doing well/US dollar not so great that we're nearly at par.

Alden - Thanks, man.

Jessenia - I do as I please, thanks. How you doin'?