Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man-Shaping in Marker!

After the session with He-Man and Skeletor it occurred to me that I might never be able to draw a "normal" model again! Happily this is not the case. I received an e-mail the other day from a model at the local community center letting me know he'd be posing and that he hoped I'd be able to make it out to draw. I've drawn Peter once before and know what a great physique he has -- naturally I had to attend.

A few weeks ago I bought Dave McKean's book of postcard ink drawings and was absolutely blown away by his technique. His drawings are solid but maintain a loose fluidity that just mesmerizes me. I've been trying to loosen up when I ink with my brush. This life drawing session allowed me to let go a little and be free with my marker (I draw these with Tombow brush-tip colored markers). It's a lot of fun and I generally like the results.

I especially like how this one turned out. I exaggerated Peter's musculature, expanding his back and narrowing his waist (trust me, he doesn't need me to give him a good physique -- I'm just "cartooning" what's already there). I only wish I were better with color or I would have attempted a little skin tone. Peter has a great tan line so his white butt contrasted beautifully with the shadows shaping his tanned torso!


p.s. Check out Colby Keller's blog post about little old me. He coined a new term for nerdy gays like me.


Lou W said...

J, those photos of Colby's are great! You are one sexy man! Definitely adorkable!

musclsvg said...

Great job Bone! These sketches really do have a roughness about them that enhances the model. It would be great to see a finished work of Peter's Speedo branded physique. It's always erotic to see a well built specimen girded by a belt of untanned flesh. Kudos to you that you're always trying new things to advance you technique.

Fran├žois said...

Gosh, you're even cuter than your models!

And I don't think "adorkable" is a neologism (well, not a, uh, new one):

j. said...

Lou W - Aw, shucks.

Musclsvg - Thanks. I'm going to try a limited color palette to create an image of Peter with his tan vs. white skin.

Fran├žois - *Blush* Thanks. I've definitely had the good fortune to draw some very gorgeous men. Far, far, far cuter than I could ever be.

I've done some ink drawings recently that I think turned out quite well. New post on Thursday!


M. Greco said...

Were you drawing at the 519? Just my luck that I happened to be absent that week!

grapestain said...

I so love McKean. If I'd have known that you had it, I would have asked to see it! I'll have to thumb through when you get AC.

mrtnn said...

amazing sketch.