Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pushing Ink!

Not the prettiest profile in the world but it was all done on the fly, so to speak. I worked on a lightbox over my marker drawing from the session with Peter. And speaking of peter, this is probably one of the only "finished" drawings of mine you'll see with one. :)

Above was drawn from a photo found online. This guy has an absolutely stunning backside to which I tried to do justice.



SCARCEXL said...

Let justice be done! :D He probably has also amazing back muscles to keep this pose. Yum!

musclsvg said...

Great couple of graphics, Bone! Until you mentioned it, I didn't even think about the exposed genitalia. Then it dawned on me that there had been some cock and balls in your previous posting of rough sketches. You work is of such a calibre that you take in the whole image; not just the naughty bits. I know you've a policy against full frontal nudity in your blog, but this just shows, that if called for, there's no big shock in seeing a male's exposed penis and testicles.

j. said...

Xavier - Yum, indeed.

Musclsvg - Precisely my feeling. The full frontal is incidental to the drawing, not the main focus. Thanks, man.


Fran├žois said...

The second one is a wonderful drawing. Made me think of Toth's use of black and white.

j. said...

Fran├žois - Wow! Whatta compliment. Thank you. (Though the only thing I may have in common with the brilliant Alexander Toth is that we both use ink, I appreciate the comparison ;)


grapestain said...

I can't believe you showed a peen.