Thursday, August 19, 2010


By now you all know that I'm a Friend of Colby Keller (which I just realized can be Acronymed as F.O.C.K which is an amalgamation of TWO dirty words! Hello, t-shirts!) Many posts ago he put up an absolutely adorable photo of himself sitting in undies. Right away I wanted to draw him! Finally I sat down and did it. I'm a little bugged by my lack of likeness -- especially the adorkable smile on Colby's mug. I think I should have gone cartoonier.

For those in the Toronto area I'll be at the Fan Expo Horror/Sci-Fi/Comic Con at the end of this month (August 27th to 29th). I've got a table and will be selling books, original art and a few little crocheted superheroes.



Lou W said...

That drawing is wonderful! You should frame it and put it next on your bedtable, so that when you wake up it's the first thing you see!

Wish I were going to the con in TO later this month...I'll just have to catch you another time! Best of luck at the show!

musclsvg said...

I really like this drawing. If people don't recognize this as Coby Keller(which it obviously is) it's because you've improved upon his original photograph. His hairier bod is bigger and buffer and there's a provocative glimpse of his bulging basket. Plus his hands and feet are sexily larger. What strikes me is that his likeness shows what you like. So the drawing reveals not only the subject, but the artist as well. Were you aware that you were doing that Bone?

Fran├žois said...

I didn't know "SOCK" was a dirty word.

Mckenzie James said...

This drawing looks like the love child of Colby and yourself ... lol

j. said...

Lou W - :) Thanks. If I framed anything I think it'd be the original photo!

Musclsvg - I must admit that I was very aware of the changes I made. Knowing Colby has large feet I played that up. Definitely wanted to reveal his basket :) And the hairier body was intended to be color-line but I ended up not really liking the effect in Photoshop. Colby's hair is most likely much lighter in reality.

Fran├žois - Depends on how you use that SOCK.

Mckenzie James - Perhaps...but who carried the child to term or did we share the duty (like mutant seahorse-men)? :)


Javier said...


I think that your impulse was right when you said, "I think I should have gone cartoonier."After all didn't you once say that you were a cartoony sort of guy?

I think that most of your best work comes when it looks free and easy (and thats what I enjoy about it... the lightness) and there is just a bit of an element of trying too hard here.

You said you were bugged that the face didn't quite come out like the model. Well, in many ways its closer than what you did before. But the Colby Venus face captures more of what seems to be the essence of the model.

I think that you (we) can see the "effort" is what is bugging you.

We can't all be Alex Ross (nor should we want to be). Personally, I prefer to see J. Bone's subjects interpreted through J.Bone's fun and fearless pencil.

Perhaps you should do a cartoonier version to get it out of your system?

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Amazing job - and great t-shirt idea. Hope to see them in the stores this Fall...

Anonymous said...

wow, really beautiful