Thursday, August 05, 2010

Showing some Skin!

This morning I got up early, made coffee and sat down in front of my computer to check e-mail while eating my bowl of cereal. Below is what greeted me:
Grant, of Ink and Leather, tattooed himself with My drawing of Colby! How awesome is that? That's pretty damn Awesome! He'd written to Colby and I a while back to make sure it was okay with both of us. We both said "Go for it, baby!"*
Now that it's done and I see it I am speechless! :)
Here is another drawing of one of the Boylesque T.O. fellas. This time it's Mahogany Storm. Hotness!



Sexy Beast said...

This is amazing! I love your stuff of Colby! Hot.

I once suggested a location for a tattoo to a friend, and she put it there. I was so flattered. I can't imagine what this must be like.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you like it J.


Now, you relaise of course I'll eventually need to choose another of your designs for my other arm...


j. said...

Grant - You're crazy and I Love it! :) Maybe I can do something specifically for your other arm?


Anonymous said...

OK - so because I was too busy being rude and running around screaming "J Bone is going to design something especially for me for my left forearm!" I didn't get around to responding to this...

But I would be truly, truly honoured :D