Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Gets Better: Dan and Terry


James Figueiredo said...

Dan Savage is SO awesome!
Thanks for posting this, J. Now I want to contribute a video to the project!


j. said...

Agreed! I've been working up a comic strip version of It'll Get Better -- but I also want to contribute a video. I wasn't bullied in school, but I definitely appreciate how great my life is right now!


musclsvg said...

This is so important. Thanks for posting it. It also speaks to those of us who were suspected and had to endure the inuendo and talk behind our backs. The fear that disclosure would result in complete and total ostracism. Not just because of orientation, but also because our interests in the arts, history and literature were different from athletics and something powered by an internal combustion engine. There is nothing wrong with a person's orientation or breadth of interests. I often wonder what those narrow minds would say if they realized that those they sought to castigate are in a large part responsible for what they watch on television every night. Unfortunately minds as "deep as spit" don't stretch that far.

Sexy Beast said...

This is an amazing project. I want to contribute.

Unknown said...

With everything that has happened this past week, Tyler Clementi's suicide, it really does get better.
I am proof of that.

What Dan and Terry started is a way for gay teenagers to sort out the bullshit from what can really be a great life.

Pls if any gay youth are reading this, don't ever give up.

j. said...

Muscslvg - I'd say that all teens struggle no matter what you're into. Puberty is tough. My hope with the "It Gets Better" project is that kids are given hope, but also that parents and teachers become super-vigilante about helping out kids in need.

Sexy Beast - Do it, man! I'm almost done my comic and will post it here when it's all finished.

Fuzzbuzz - Well said!


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased I learned about this through your Blog J. I've gone ahead and written up my own post about it at my Blog - because I think it's really important to share the message with everyone.

Can't wait to see your comic.