Thursday, October 07, 2010

Insert Penis Pun Here!

In between episodes of Spartacus I had some time to draw my favourite artist/pornstar/blogger/bigfoot as famous art! Introducing Penis DeMilo, companion to Birth of Penis.

Also, go visit Colby's blog for another new paper doll from me -- it's a Colby Keller exclusive Kokigami! To say any more would be to spoil the fun! :) Just, go check it out.



musclsvg said...

No offense Bone. I know your policy about no full frontal nudity, but shouldn't this be called the "Unseen Penis DeMilo"? This is still a great drawing though. Even if you can't see any of the statuesque Keller's appendages. He's got such a torrid torso. Maybe you could call it the "Bona Hesa"

Lou W said...

You can't begin to guess how your latest sketch has caused me to feel...!

Anonymous said...

J.Bone you need to get on Twitter! ;) -

Cymon King said...

Love it, you captured both the style of ancient statues and your own, soo cool! :)

j. said...

Musclsvg - I know. I know. :) But Colby's marble column is hinted at in the folds of his "skirt".

Lou W - Indeed.

Scruffy - Perhaps. I'm afraid I have nothing to say.

Cymon King - Thanks, Cymon.


Anonymous said...

Love love love it!

For a while there I was thinking "Hmmm, should I ask the guys if I can use this for my left forearm...?" but then I remembered I've actually got an idea for my left arm that I wanted to talk to you about :P