Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Subject of Men.

I was talking to someone recently about the guys I draw on my blog. He asked if I made them up out of my head. I said I did...and then I looked at my last several updates and realized that I'd lately been drawing real guys I see or know from around town. And Colby Keller :)
Today is no exception. At Toronto's recent Fetish Fair I met the above masked super man (then drew this image from a photo by Tony Fong).
Below are two sketches a hot tattooed leatherman! I absolutely love his dragon tattoo and want to do a finished piece of the Dragon clawing its way off of his body.



logan said...

I do love the two sketches of the Tattooed Leatherman ! The first one, particulary, have something in the pose, the hand shadowing the eye area that i find fabulous ! I'm glad each time you post new drawings on your blog !

faithfully yours,

Logan ^^!

musclsvg said...

Great sketches, Bone! The masked superman looks like his master drop his leash. A specimen like this stud would make quite a pet.

I like the idea of the tattoo springing from the well muscled hardbody in the second drawing. It reminds me of a story idea I've been thinking of writing. It's about a young bodybuilder who's having trouble getting big.

One hot summer's night the stud's out on Muscle Beach running to get in his cardio. Clad in nothing but running shorts and shoes, he finishes his workout panting and exhausted. To catch his breath he leans up against a wall where years ago some long forgotten artist had done a frieze of bodybuilders. He feels something strange as his sweat drenched body makes contact with the mural of the musclemen. He moves away to take a look at the artwork that he has seen hundreds of times, but now he notices that each man has the same tattoo of a serpent somewhere on their magnificent bodies. He thinks nothing of it until later when he's getting out of the shower. There on his left tricep is a small tattoo of the same serpent. He's startled, but pleased with the way it looks. Especially when he flexes the muscle that now seems larger. He can't wait to show his buddies at the gym, but in the morning it's gone. "I must have dreamt it" he thinks.

From that day on the young musclehead starts making incredible gains. His buddies want to know what he's doing, but he shrugs them off. He's not about to tell them about the phantom tattoo that's there every night when he gets out of the shower. Or that as he gains muscle the serpent grows bigger and more detailed. It's tail coiling down his lead pipe forearm and the head slowly moving around the back of his deltoid to rest on the hairy crest of his massive, rock hard pec.

One day the stud is surprized to find that his fellow gym rats have chipped in to enter him in the year's biggest bodybuilding competition. They promised to be his support team and he figures "Why not!". He trains like a madman and makes gains so awesome that his buds just stare in disbelief. Of course he doesn't tell them that every night the serpent grows larger and more aggressive and has now sprouted two heads.

Finally the week of the competition arrives. Everyone is talking about how the stud is favored to win. He even thinks it might happen as he stands in front of the bathroom mirror the night before. His huge, hard, cut body shaved down with the phantom serpent shining in fierce reptillian splendor. It's two heads flanking the outter sides of on his broad, thick chest. Their maws opened wide with long fangs looking like each is about to devour the nipples that crown the massive, mounded pecs.

The next day the competition flies by with the stud easily walking away with the contest. Nothing goes wrong until the stud hits a double bicep pose after accepting his title and trophy. Suddenly there is a sharp, burning pain on both sides of his chest. The stud grits his teeth and endures the unexpected agony. He gets through the rest of the evening and quickly returns home. He rushes to the bathroom and strips off his shirt. The serpent that only he could see for months now has gone. Above the meaty nub of each of his bronzed nipples are two punctures and small trickles of dried blood. In a blinding flash the pain returns to the stud's pecs, radiates through his body and he drops to the floor unconscious.

That's where they found him the next morning. An autopsy could not reveal the cause of death. There was no presence of performance enhancing drugs, but the probability was that the burden of all the heavy training had taken it's toll. His friends are puzzled and saddened. They don't notice that the figure of a new bodybuilder has appeared in the mural out on Muscle Beach.

Paul Conrad said...

Wow J!
I really like the rough/loose quality of the Masked Superman...and of the Tattoo'd Leathermen, I prefer the first...lots of nice things going on there. I wonder if color might help sell the living tattoo leaving the body.
Really nice work-what's the actual size of these pieces?

j. said...

Logan - Thank you, sir! I'm looking forward to the new issue of Deimos.

Musclsvg - Very interesting story. And, as always, so beautifully written.
Incidentally, though you don't see it in the drawing, the masked man is securely tethered to the wall :)

Paul - Thanks, man. I've been pushing myself to work directly in marker (lightboxed over the rough drawing) and the result has been some nice, looser drawings.
The drawings are generally 8.5"x11" though the last image is 10"x14".

Color would definitely make the tattoo pop...but I think I know how I'm going to approach the final when I get to it.


musclsvg said...

Glad you like it Bone! Thank you for kindly posting the very long comment. I started out to do a thumbnail sketch and ended up with the entire fist.

Anonymous said...

Hot, hot, hot...simple as that!

urge said...

love your work Mr Bone..

Charlie David said...

Nice work man!! Looks awesome!

Unknown said...

You are an amazing artist. You capture the raw sexuality of your men, being themselves, sexual predators.

Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you much continued success. A new fan

Anonymous said...

you're right fuzz... the trait is incredibily strong. Hard to find a so skilled artist