Thursday, November 25, 2010

Live from New York: Koortwah!

While on a recent trip to New York I attended a performance by Friend of Colby, Koortwah (aka Jake Courtois). My thanks to Colby for letting me know Koortwah would be performing because, as it turns out, I dug the music and the good lookingness of the performer.

Jake is from Montreal and, therefore, a fellow Canadian. C'est formidable! My brain kicked into drawing mode upon seeing Koortwah and his projected images. Check out his YouTube videos for a taste of what I mean. How could I get the projected light effect on a two-dimensional drawing? was my main dilemma. I, more or less, got what I wanted in the first image. Below is the un-impeded drawing with color. Or "colour" as we Canadians spell it.
(I know Jake looks worried or concerned in my drawing. He's not. He's emoting in song.)

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really nice