Monday, November 15, 2010


For shame! I just realized it's been too long between updates. I guess I've been busy running all over the continent (Calgary and New York). I've been drawing a lot of beefcake lately and will start by putting up a drawing of my buddy, DJ Dwayne Minard. He's a local Toronto DJ and though I don't get out to clubs that often, when I do it's to hear Dwayne spin.
Above is a rough sketch of the same guy in chains I posted in the summer. Hot, hot guy! Oh Em Gee! So hot!



Cymon King said...

Glad to see your work again, you've been missed! Awesome work as per usual! Cy x

James Figueiredo said...

Amazing work, as usual - BEAUTIFUL bold linework there!
Also, what about that sketchbook of yours, sir?


LTruzzi said...

Good to see you back!

Andrew W said...

Oh, hey; further to our conversations on the convention circuit, I've been meaning to direct you to a recent blog post of mine on the subject of beefcake art. I'd be interested to know your thoughts!


Unknown said...

Welcome back, when I first was looking for art work I ran across your page and I was like "Dammm". I am glad to see your keeping busy for your Art Rocks!

j. said...

Cymon - Thanks, man. I love the header character you created for DudeTube! Hot stuff!

James - Ah, the sketchbook. It's...delayed. I have, however, put together a book of my Horoscope drawings and will be getting that out soon! It'll be print-on-demand through Lulu.

LTruzzi - You should see my front.

Dougiefresh01 - Thanks, man. I hope to get back to posting regularly.


musclsvg said...

Glad things have slowed down enough that you can post again Bone. The wait was long, but well worth it. DJ Dwayne is hot and your drawing even hotter. The senusous curve of his body accented by his lushly furred torso and then contrasted by the oposing arc of his big gunned right arm. Then there's the treasure trail leading your eye down to Dwayne's heavy, low slung, denim clad package. I'm surprised the image doesn't ooze off the screen like molten lava. It's nice to see that even though you've been uber busy, you're still a wicked tease. The second, rough sketch leaves you hungry for more. How about a mini series of "Dwayne in Chains". The holidays are coming and it would make the perfect gift.

Art LeMat said...

Damed I hope this DJ Dwayne will come around in Montreal soon :-) great art as usual

j. said...

Musclsvg - I'm always pleased to elicit such a vivid response. The second drawing is not actually Dwayne -- but the idea of Dwayne in chains is enticing...:)

Art LeMat - Merci! I think, though I may be wrong, that DJ Dwayne has spun in Montreal in the past. No doubt he'll be back in your neighbourhood again.


Fiery Laundry said...

beautiful drawing of the DJ

Thom said...

been a lurker on this site for a while now, and this pose, this DJ Dwayne really stands out for me. I think it's the taut lines of the fully stretched calf, locked knees and the thrown back shoulder. Maybe the clenched fist too. In any regard, LOVELY.