Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Drawing! Dr. Sketchy's Toronto.

Dr. Sketchy's Toronto is back in session for the summer! A recent model was the amazing Percy Katt (new Boylesque performer and an amazing photographer). His first costume was very Barbarella space-man and put me immediately in mind of my own Jett Vector!
Naturally I was very excited and tried to capture all of Percy's awesomeness on paper.

I'm working on finishing up some of the drawings as final color illustrations. And now I know if I ever need a model for Jett Vector I can call on Percy Katt! :)



musclsvg said...

A peek inside your sketchbook is always special Bone. Even if it does leave you wanting more. Can't wait to see these thumbnails is a finished form. Mr. Katt seems to have a leaner musculature than Jett Vector. Maybe he could be the scheming, sinister warlord bent on intergalactic domination. One who hasn't realized what a formidable opponent our hero is to his master plan. Very similar to Flash Gordon's, Ming the Merciless. Maybe Percy could be Jett's Vector's, Dong the Dastardly. I know you've been extremely busy of late, but your pulp fiction characters like Jett and Lord Rim'ah have bee sorely missed. Any chances of them making some appearances here over the summer? Just wondering...and hoping.

Anonymous said...

The bottom series of sketches are my favorite. I really like how you captured the mix of masculine and feminine campiness. Kind of reminds me of the look of Kazaky.

j. said...

musclsvg - Ooh, drawing Percy Katt as the villain would be fun! I loved the eye-patch but figured I'd have to lose it because Jett doesn't sport one. But if Percy's a whole other character...
Speaking of Jett! I feel extremely guilty that I haven't done anything with him in a while! I'm gonna work on fixing that by the end of summer.

Scott - I had to look up Kazaky (though I've seen their videos before, I didn't know who they were). Percy Katt would fit right in! I love the mix of masculine/feminine. It blows my mind how well some of my Boylesque friends can just rock the heels. It lends such a gracefulness to their gorgeously muscular bodies.