Monday, December 19, 2011


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting musician/comic book artist/actor/Canadian and all-around-fun-guy Hank Pine while he was in town. The plan was to do some life drawing but because of my comic book drawing schedule we weren't able to.

Wait! Before you shed a tear for our lost opportunity to draw together...the story has a happy ending.

Instead of life drawing, on Hank's last night in town we hit Remington's - Toronto's classiest Male strip club. There we endured...enjoyed several of Toronto's finest naked male dancers. In fact we enjoyed them through three sets! And we did it because we fell in love with Rex.

Unfortunately for us neither Hank nor I could afford a private dance. Unfortunate for Rex, too, because he spent his valuable time chatting with us and didn't make a dime. (That's not entirely ture...I did give Rex ten bucks during one of his dances. Right in the ol' underpants piggy bank). We learned all about Rex, from his Irish heritage, to his beginnings as a male entertainer. Plus we saw him strip THREE TIMES!

And we also got some life drawing done. Hank had his sketchbook and we oh so discretely sketched some of the fellas while sipping our double vodka/gin/tonics. When I got home I re-created one of my favourite drawings of Rex and that's the drawing you see at the top of this long-winded post.

If you're ever in Toronto with nothing to do in the evening, head over to Remington's and say "Hi" to Rex for us.



SCARCEXL said...

Life can be so difficult some time! :p
I'm wondering if we would be disapointed seeing Rex in flesh. You draw men so well. I remember being a little disapointed when I was young to not find male as appealing as the ones I fantazised about in comics! :p

Gus Brock said...

He didn't make a dime? He was drawn by YOU! You should be the one getting paid! :-D

musclsvg said...

Bone, you and your associate Mr. Pine may have made a discovery of epic proportions. The very rare Tybrawnosaurus Rex. The king of all manbeasts. Known for his spectacular physical development. Massive arms with cannonball biceps and forearms to match that flank a broad, sculpted chest. Rounded pecs crowned with large nipples that ride just below the crest of each rock hard muscle on a titanic torso that tapers to a taut waist. Cobbled abs dusted with dark, thick body hair that forms a trail that leads the eye downward to an impressive manhood. Concealed behind frayed, faded denim that clings to the contours of a large tool thrust forward against it's fabric confines by two large walnut sized balls. You were fortunate to spot a specimen with a bearded iron jaw; the hallmark of this species' winter plumage. How lucky you were to befriend it for closer study. More often than not such a feral find will be startled and flee. You and Mr. Pine should combine your notes and drawings and publish a paper. It could net the both of you a Lowball Piece Prize. A prestigous award initiated by Alfred Lowball, a discoverer of dynamite studs. Congratulations on such an important discovery and your expert illustration that documents your find.

No doubt you will be dealing with journalists for the immediate future, so let me wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a New Year filled wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

Strip, strip, STRIP! Handsome sketch. I really enjoy your perspective of the male figure. Great work!

Palanca Feet said...

I find the lower-lip bite gesture (and upper-lip lifted) the key of the sexiness in your drawing!

fuzzbuzz said...

What Scott wrote.
Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you much continued success. WOOF