Monday, January 30, 2012

Ginger Beef!

I've not drawn many red-heads (if any ever...?) But recently DJ Dwayne's Daddy Next Door party night catered to the Ginger and Ginger-loving crowd. Brilliant colorist Michael Wiggam did an amazing job with this beefy daddy - including coloring all of his body hair (which those of you who color on the computer know is no easy task).



Lou W said...

What a gorgeous work of art!

(The drawing is great, also!)

Unknown said...

wow real nice!

musclsvg said...

It's said that by the turn of the 22nd Century, 88 years away, redheads will not exist. The makeup of the global gene pool will be such that it can no longer produce a ginger male. This excellent specimen is reason enough to start a breeding program now to see if that can be reversed. Broad shouldered with a bearded lantern jaw. A deep, wide chest that crowns a torso tapering to a taut waist of sculpted abs. All cover with thick hair the color of flame. If the hand at the end of this hunk's powerful, crimson furred forearm is any indication of the size of the breeding equiptment stored in his low slung denim package, I'd say we have a man equal to the task. Of course for clinical reasons he'll have to be fully examined. Undergo a series of tests to measure and determine the responsiveness of his tool, the quality of his seed and the time it takes him to reproduce an emission of full quanity and maximum potency. Still I've no doubt that this slightly snarling stallion would be the finest steed on any stud farm. Great graphic Bone! Once again you turn up the hot in erotic.

Unknown said...

This blog is great. There's so much for me to learn about drawing men. All your characters are handsome as f_ck. It also seems like there's no pose you can't handle. Really nice work.


j. said...

Lou W - :) Thanks.

tnf25 - Thanks, man.

musclsvg - I have a feeling this guy could re-invigorate the gene pool all on his own. His musk impregnates the very air ;)

Andrew - Thank you. Glad you found my blog. Enjoy.


henrique siqueira said...

Hello I want to say I'm your fan and that his work is totally unique and sex, I love How you represents men and I always look your website to accompany you post the news