Thursday, August 09, 2012

Summer Sketching

As much as I hate to admit to it -- I've been sorely neglecting my blog. This summer I have just not been drawing as many Bonesmen. It's a sad state of affairs, really. I've seen a lot of hot guys this summer, and recently sat down with the purpose of putting as many of them to paper as I possibly could. As a result there will be new updates on a semi-regular basis (Mondays and Thursdays) as I attempt to warm my way back into your hearts.



Lou W said...

J, you will never have to warm your way back into our hearts! We've all been busy. I myself was planning another trip this year to TO (where I met you last year during Leather weekend -- you had a display of your Wonder Woman art at an event), when I broke my foot last month. I've been in a cast, at home, and not able to see all the hot men down my way (or up yours). Hoping you have a warm Autumn for viewing, as I will be trying to get up there again late September!

musclsvg said...

Not to worry, Bone. Your faithful followers know that a guy with your talent has obligations and deadlines to meet. And, we appreciate your postings here all the more because of that. Speaking of postings, this one is terrific. Thanks for another great graphic. Seeing this buff, bearded stud go from a rough sketch to a "Ruff!!" finished drawing is fantastic! I hope you've had time to take in some of the Olympic coverage. Troy Dumais, the hot and hung US diver, is a specimen worthy of your pencil. By the way, early September is getting closer. How are the chances for the drawing I suggested of Lord R'ima? Seeing this hairy hunk really amps up the anticipation!(This is where you say, "Damn, that musclsvg is one pushy bastard!!).

SCARCEXL said...

Yes, summe ris not over, giveus our dose of summer Bonesmen!

Javier said...

Mondays and Thursdays, eh?

Just like Little League

he week just got twice as good. :)

j. said...

Lou W - Sorry to hear about your foot, Lou. I remember meeting you. I just heard that the Toronto Fetish Fair has been canceled. A shame. I'd always liked checking it out.

Musclsvg - I've seen some of the Olympic events and definitely caught a few of the postings that hit the net re: boners on the podium. I'm wondering if the next Olympics will require anyone sporting in spandex wear a towel for any photos.
I recall you asking for a Rima drawing (it's your birthday coming up, I believe?) I'll re-read comments and see what I can do ;)

Xavier - I'm going to do my best. :)


j. said...

Javier - Little League is adorably funny. I think I follow the artist on Twitter.
I missed this Monday but there will be a Thursday update. :)