Monday, August 13, 2012

The Men of Burlesque!

 As I was cleaning up my desk the other day I came across this batch of drawings from the Percy Katt session of Dr. Sketchy's. I love Percy's spaceman outfit (resembling as it does my own Jett Vector design). Percy has an absolutely amazing body, all long and lean with perfect chest and shoulders. I based these drawings on my rough sketches and tried to cartoon the heck out of his proportions and play with the straights and curves.

This last set of portraits was my attempt at capturing another Jett - Jett Adore, the no-pancer romancer from Chicago. I saw Jett perform again at this past summer's Burlesque festival and will be posting more drawings of him very soon. Incidentally, I don't know that I captured a good likeness, but I like the character in these so here they are :)



musclsvg said...

Great drawings, Bone! Percy would make a great character in a Jett Vector or Roger Rodgers saga. A rogue that befriends and/or betrays for his own benefit. Armed with an array of sexual skills learned in every back alley and glory hole of the galaxy, he knows every way to leave his partner drained and disoriented from top to bottom. Out for himself, he's ready to test his techniques in a deep space probe with either Jett or Roger. Then ready to turn around and sell their still throbbing space junk to the highest bidder.

j. said...

Musclsvg - Thanks. I can see Percy as the leader of a troupe of Burlesque Space-Pirates. Sexy, sexy Space-Pirates.