Monday, January 07, 2013

Scruff Sketches!

Two more beefy guys from my folder of "Inspiration". More like a separate hard drive at this point. I figure I'd better get to drawing those guys or else why did  I save their images? There is always something to be learned from a pair of perfect pecs.



fuzzbuzz said...

Plenty of inspiration. Great sketches. WOOF

musclsvg said...

It's not surprizing that your "Inspiration" folder has becum a separate "hard" drive. These two guys are terrific "downloads" in more ways than one. Each a superb specimen with an erotically etched physique and a gimmick that sets them apart. The cow "poke" with the ten gallon hat and a ten inch Speedo to match. While the other is just bearded and brawny with a ring in each ear. It's said that if a man has two piercings there's likely a third that you don't see. You'd be the only one that knows for sure, Bone. But sometimes the prospect is almost as erogenous as the actuality. Great job! Thanks!

j. said...

Fuzzbuzz - Thanks, man.

Musclsvg - I do like my mystery. Piercings usually come in threes. And I suspect men come in threes as well...these two guys are ready...but who's the third? ;)


fuzzbuzz said...

Thanks J. for the follow-up.

I just love the way you art flows.

Your images are provocative and so sexy.

Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks.