Thursday, March 20, 2014


Drew this guy for another Daddy Next Door poster for Toronto dj Dwayne Minard.

If you're in the city check out his DND night April 5th at Wayla bar. Look him up on the Facebook.


Alex said...


musclsvg said...

Great to see a new offering from you, Bone. And, this one is terrific. Extremely provocative and erotically menacing. Do I detect a slight change in your style? With the heavy workload you've had of late it's possible. The face on this stud seems somehow different. Still there are the usual great Bone touches. The hot hairy torso terminating in deeply etched cum gutters. The well slung and hung denim riding low and half open revealing that this iron jaw has more than one beard. Fantastic job!! Thanks!

SCARCEXL said...

What's not to love? :)

Mason said...

I just discovered your blog and LOVE IT! I just got back from my first visit to Toronto and both my partner and myself had an excellent time. It looks like you capture the very best in your work.

I am looking forward to your up-coming posts with additional work of your's. We checked-out Remington's and Fly and can see where you at times draw your inspiration.

j. said...

Alex - :)

Musclsvg - You're not the first to comment on a change in style. It's very possible. I've been drawing slightly more realistically for my Image book, Saviors. Maybe that's coming through?

Lancel Xavier - ;)

Mason - Welcome! And glad to know Toronto showed you a good time. I love this city.

Once again too much time has past between updates. Got to get on a schedule! Now that spring is here there's no shortage of inspirational men out and about.


Mason said...

Thank you for the great welcoming to your blog!

I truly did enjoy Toronto a lot...the weather was great, lots to see and do. We are looking to head back to Canada next month to see Niagara Falls and Toronto once again. I am sure as you said you will find a lot more inspiration throughout the city now especially since the weather is warm out. Really enjoyed checking-out Remington and Fly. There was a cutie from Russia and my partner met another hottie as well. You will find some great inspiration at those two venues alone!! lol Cheers!!!

B Prévot said...

You'tr drawinggs are fantastics! Yu are the best one!!
B Prévot

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Karoline KD A. said...

Your style is very good. Really like the way you draw hair, and that giant beard! Awesome work, cheers!