Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just Keep Drawing!

Drawings without comment.

Except for that ^ comment right there.



Javier said...

Nice to see the return of the blog :)

musclsvg said...

Fantastic figure studies! It's like see two pages from the J. Bone Codex Erotica. Each drawing shows the powerful sexuality of the male physique. Great job, Bone!!! Encore!

Mason said...

I agree that it is great to see a brand new posting, welcome back! Love the drawings. Where did you get your inspiration for these two photos? Went back up about two weekends ago to Toronto and officially LOVE the city! It was my 2nd trip and truly feel at home there. Looking forward to heading back. Hope to see more postings very soon. Cheers!!

j. said...

Javier - Thanks. I'm going to try. Try to keep updating. :)
I'm definitely drawing all the time. It's a question of scanning those drawings in and making a post.

Musclsvg - Grazie. Codex Erotica -- could be the name for my as yet unpublished sketchbook.

Mason - The inspiration for the drawings came from Tumblr. I may have posted the actual photos on my Tumblr...but I also save files on my hard drive to draw from.
I also love Toronto! If you're ever at Woody's find burly bartender Joe. Or tall and handsome Dave. Both are great guys with beautiful smiles.