Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Roger Rodgers: Pages!

Not much in the way of jibber-jabber from me today! Got lots of work to do! At the very least I can tell you that this is an as yet unfinished Ta'Li Ho/Roger Rodgers story, featuring only the pages which contain the most amount of beefcake! :)




Fran├žois said...

Very cute.
It's as if Williamson had drawn in a cartoony way:)

PORK-PIE said...

These are great!! Wonderful work!

DrawFellas said...

These are fantastic! Can't wait to see more adventures...

Hart1000 said...

VERY COOL! J-man! Great panel layouts.

j. said...

Many thanks, guys! I'll do my best to dig up more Roger artwork in the next month or so!

Hope all my Canadian friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


C.Edwards said...

Love it.

Jon-Carl Lewis said...

beautiful artwork - fun AND sexy!

silly question:

when you add type to your digital work, what point-size font do you use...

and what is the size (in pixels) of the files you use to output text and images for standard comic-book easy reading?

thanks for your hard work!

j. said...

Thanks, Klahd.

Jon-Carl Lewis - Not a silly question at all. These pages I hand lettered which I usually measure out to 1/8th of an inch.

I can tell you that most lettering to print in comics is about 6-8 point (I think). It depends on your final format...manga size graphic novels can get hard to read if the point is too low.

The DPI for final image files is 300-400 for colour and 600 for black and white. But, if you're doing something for a company you might want to check with your editor or printer before you start work.

Thanks for checking me out!


JustMe said...

This is great. Roger's hot...and I love Ta'LiHo's hair! It's cool to see sci-fi space adventures gay-ifyed.