Monday, October 23, 2006

Life Drawing part 3

Last night I went to a male strip club for a friend's bachelor party which has inspired me to post some more life drawings. These aren't all from the same session...but they represent the best from the group of drawings on each day.
As I'd said before, the better looking the model the harder they are to draw. This first is the closest I came to getting the likeness of the hotty model we had.
Now, I readily admit that I draw pretty much one body type on my guys. I do love superheroes! But I also appreciate all body types. And I really loved drawing this bear.

Sometimes I draw the other artists in the studio...especially if they're cute. Check out the two heads in the above drawing of Mr.Bear. The guy was a tall, gaunt gentleman who reminded me of Boris Karloff!

This guy looked like the actor Fabrizio Filippo (Queer as Folk, Billable Hours). Total cutey with a nice little bum. And speaking of nice bums, at the strip club I was asked if I was taking notes on all the strippers. Sure I was doing some mental photography but most strippers aren't as appealing to me as an ordinary guy half dressed in a pair of jeans.

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Coming up: More Roger Rodgers!



manpop said...

thanks for posting these. i love making and looking at life drawings.
i'm finding a lot of blogs are posting them recently.
here in san fran there is a Naked Mens Sketch Group, where the artists all strip down, draw, and take turns modeling. as much as i love hairy men, i find all that fur hard to draw.

j. said...

Stan - I think I'd find it hard to draw in a room full of naked Men! I suppose it's only fair that everyone get naked...but I draw in a sketchbook on my lap. That could potentially be one agonizing paper cut! :)

I almost treat body hair like cross hatching...using it to build up form. Painting body hair is a whole other problem. Another reason I'm glad I work in pen and ink!


Alden V said...

great drawings as always!!!

DrawFellas said...

Beautiful! One day when I grow up I also want to be able to draw like that.

Matt said...

I used to drop in on a life drawing class at the local university. My favourite subject to draw was this heavy-set fellow who would bring his dog along. He'd do these bacchanalian poses, and every now and then the dog would wander in and pose, occasionally ruining the shot. I got at least five or six good paintings out of those sketches.

j. said...

Alden V - Thanks.

Rudy - Thanks, Rudy. You flatterer, you! :)

Matt - Sounds like a good class. I wish I were better at drawing animals. But a dog in a studio probably wouldn't sit still long enough to get anything beyond a rough sketch.


Matt said...

You're right, the dog wouldn't stay still, so he didn't make it into anything finished. I posted some scans of the work I did over at my own blog.

Ez said...

God, I love your blog.

Fabrizio's the cast of Ethan rite?

my real blog:

j. said...

ez - Thanks. Fabrizio was Justin's violin playing boyfriend. I thought he was super cute. Now he's in a pretty funny Canadian series called Billable Hours. Still cute.

Actually, to go on about him even more...I saw him once at a grocery store and kind of followed him until he noticed me checking him out. He's not gay, sadly.