Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jett Vector: TCAF part II

Toronto comic arts festival has come and gone. It was exhausting but completely successful. I sold a bunch of my canvases, a few t-shirts and most of my comic books. Eventually I'll make the Beefcake canvases available through my blog.
This was the coolest thing! A six foot tall Jett Vector stand-up for my display area. A bunch of the guys had their characters made into giant cut-outs as well and our room looked awesome! See below for my area. That's Rob Coughler of Butternut Squash fame looking through my portfolio.

And here's the real Jett Vector. Or at least his hair! This guy was tall and thin and I contemplated asking him to pose with my character...but you never know how someone will react to such a request. As it turns out I saw him again at the Queers in Comics panel later that same day. That'll teach me to just take a chance.
Thanks to those who made it out (sorry that all my American and European friends couldn't make it). I did one Jett Vector drawing the whole weekend...for Edward. Otherwise I was much too busy to sit and draw. Now I feel like sleeping for a week.

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houseofduck said...

Man I love your art. I saw pictures over on someone elses TCAF report and thought it just looked great and yet some how familliar and here it turns out it is because I am already watching your blog!