Friday, January 04, 2008


It's the dawning of a New Year and the second to last of the Horoscope pin-ups. I have Gemini left to draw and then...then I can begin my merchandising bonanza :)

I've noticed, as I look over the drawings, that I have slimmed down the backgrounds considerably as I progressed. I also maintained a more uniform shape in these later pin-ups. I actually think I like the earlier size better because you got more background behind the character...on the other hand these later pictures fit a whole lot nicer on the 9" x 12" canvases.

Okay, Geminis, you're up next. Hope I don't disappoint!

Happy New Year, folks.


JC said...

Just looked through all the other ones you've posted to remind myself of the series. This one is definitely my favorite! The colors all go so well together and the guy is so hot! Great work.

Unknown said...

Spectacular!!! Especially the overalls-clad legs, yummy ;°P Even thoug I've always had quiet a thing for firemen, you said it was your first idea, I'm really happy to have this hunk for my sign, thanks to Zpeedy & your great art of course. I have one request, could you consider & draw the gemini(s) as readhead(s) (you just have the viking left as one). I've this idea of Narcisse oggling himself in the water.

Unknown said...

P.S.: about the thinner background, I find ti give more deepness or 'third' dimenion to the character, so go for it!

Javier said...
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Javier said...

Was posting as zpeedy before I got my real blogger space, so this is me now.

I like him very much. So happy to see my little suggestion "fleshed out" as it were.

The best thing about him is that you can really imagine him walking into your office once a week

Unknown said...

Hear, hear, Javier! Love this guy. But I've had a thing for water deliverymen ever since . . . well, since seeing a certain scene in a certain vintage Colt porn flick . . . My friends do give me the greatest gifts sometimes.

Cheers, J! Thanks for all the great beefcake. Definitely worth the wait. (Can't wait to see 'em all lined up together.)

j. said...

jc - Glad you like them as a series. I tried to use similar colours for the backgrounds so that when viewed as a group they all worked together.

Joseph - Thanks. I'll definitely be doing more of these when I come up with more you may yet see your fireman! :) Regarding redheads it's true I don't really have much diversity in either ethnicity or hair colour. Shameful! What I've got in mind for the Gemini could certainly work as a redhead so I'll do my best. At the very least I can always do a colour variant (which is true for any one of these). God bless Photoshop.

And I agree, I like the thin background. I may yet refine the past images so that all the backgrounds are similarly shaped. Again, bless the powers of Photoshop.

Javier - I almost wish I worked in an office on the off chance the water delivery man looked like this guy. Perhaps I should consider having water delivered! :)

Nickel - I always find it remarkable what imprints on our "young" minds :) For me it's outdoor workers (construction, gardeners and for some reason especially roofers). We could explore in depth the reasons behind such attractions but I'm sure we'd all much rather sit and ogle.

Thanks again, guys.

Andy said...

I think the background here works GREAT. No reason to add more when you don't need it. There's just enough to show exactly where he is... in MY office! ;)
I think the eye contact is key and the 5 o'clock shadow is a great "blue collar" touch.
Great work, as usual.

GreggerMan said...

Aquarius rules!

And this guy is the perfect pin-up for my birth sign. I like your series of blue collar laborers just about the best of any of your things. More of them, please.

But . . .

I was very disappointed with Sagittarius. Not that the work was below your usual high standards. I had hoped that if you were going in the direction of the cliche--archer, bow and arrow--you'd have made him a centaur. After seeing your terrific merman piece I was praying that Sag would get the same appropriate mythical dude treatment. Waaa, it wasn't meant to be, I guess.

Maybe you'll get around to doing some more mythical figures in the future. That would be very cool.

Otherwise, keep up the excellent work.