Monday, January 14, 2008

Dress Up Action Figure!

The January blahs may be setting and some of us (those who live in cold countries) might feel like we're stuck indoors until the weather warms up. But there's no reason we can't have a little fun while we wait for spring! Today I offer you an alternative to curling up in your comforter and reading/watching tv for the next four months...lets all play with Logan, the Paper Doll!

The instructions are simple: Save Logan and his clothing onto your hard drive. Print out the pages onto any ol' paper (I use photo paper with a matte finish for a firmer paper doll). Carefully cut around Logan and his clothing with a pair of safety scissors (kids, ask a parent for help). Dress and undress Logan as often as you want!
You can make up fun scenarios for your Logan Paper Doll! Maybe he's going out on a date and needs to get dressed for a night at the bars! Or maybe he's washing his motorcycle on a hot summer day! It's all up to you!

You could even print out extra t-shirts and colour them with pencil crayons or markers! Add your own designs or favourite logos! Or even create your own outfits by carefully tracing Logan! The power to have fun these cold winter days is completely in your own hands!
p.s. More clothing will be forthcoming soon. As well as some blank templates for you to colour more of your own clothing.


Devil Doll said...

This is so awesome. And I love the little tighty whities. :)

Fran├žois said...

Now what we need is an Undress Up Action Figure...

Sorry :)

j. said...

Devil Doll - Ha ha, tighty whities are always adorable, I think :)

Francois - Kapow! "Undress Up Action Figure" = funny :)


Dorian said...


Nickel said...

This is fan-freaking-tastic!

For some reason, I never envisioned Wolverine with tighty whities. A jockstrap seems somehow more appropriate.

(But then perhaps I'm projecting. Jocks are hot. Whaddaya say, J?)

Hell, who are we kidding? He probably goes commando. But such a paper doll wouldn't be family-friendly, now, would it?

Anyway, thanks for the fun, J!

Javier said...

What? No Rod Rodgers paper doll?

Andy said...

It's like Christmas all over again!
I think I'm dreaming, actually. This is just a fan-friggin tastic treat.


j. said...

Dorian - Thanks.

Nickel - Projecting a little, methinks :) I'm sure you're right that the real Logan would go commando. Drawing him in tighty-whities is my own projection of personal there we go. Glad you enjoyed him.

Javier - Actually, there is one. I drew a Roger Rodgers paper doll a few years ago. Funny, I'd forgotten about that. I believe I've made paper dolls of most of my characters. If I find the digital file I'll post it up.

Andy - Happy to provide you with a second Christmas. :)


JC said...


I love the baseball tee and jeans outfit. It's the same get-up as one of my fave anime characters, Ataru Moroboshi.

Any you know I dig Logan's bulgeroonie here-- LOL. Nice work!

Javier said...

You know...

You can also buy those magnetic sheets that they sell at Office Depot that you can stick in your printer.

Print him up. Trace him out with an Exacto knife. And then his clothes will stick to him magnetically.

Keep him on your fridge.

j. said...

JC - Thanks. Though my Logan paper doll is currently wearing his black shirt I kinda prefer the red T as well.

Javier - Magnetic sheets is a brilliant idea. I've looked at buying those just to make my own magnets but didn't think about the paper doll clothing idea. Very creative of you!


tiny robot said...

Oh wow! Love this!

kidwicked said...

wow i loved your last Logan. hes so hot id live to see som s&m cloths or at the very least some lether the way id love to see you draw beast i think hes sexy

Anonymous said...

I love this but I have a problem with mine. For some reason I just seem unable to put any clothes on him. When I do they only stay there for about a second before they come right back off.
I wonder what it could be.