Monday, October 06, 2008

Facial Hair!

Beards are definitely "In" right now, and I'm all for it. For a certain part of gay culture beards were never out (Hello Bears and Cubs). But the straight crowd hasn't always been hair friendly. Lately, though, I've noticed a whole lot of straight boys with beards. And not just scruffy, let it grow-all-over beards...these guys are keeping their beards neat and trim.
So I thought I'd sketch up some of the facial hair I've noticed around town. I'm not saying I'm a fan of all the particular types of beards drawn, but I must say that a man's look can improve greatly, in my eyes, with the addition of a beard. Matthew Fox, for example, looks a whole lot more appealing to me with all of his island grown scruff.
I left out one trend in bearding...the "Chin Strap". It's that thin line of hair that runs from the side burns, down the jaw line ending in a little cup of hair under the chin. A buddy of mine expressed perfectly my feeling on this particular look when he said "Friends don't let friends grow chin straps." Agreed.

What are your thoughts on the current trend in facial hair?

p.s. Is it un-PC to label the "Fu Manchu" as such? I wasn't sure but couldn't find any other name for it. Apologies if it is offensive to some.


Unknown said...

Guys with beards are 2x more atractive to me, so this trend is driving me nuts ,many guys to pay attention to on the streets hehe.
Nice collection of styles, always a pleasure coming here :)

musclsvg said...

What would you have called the facial hair worn by Steve Reeves in his sword and sandal days? Van Dyke comes close, but he was a 17th century painter. A long time after the days of ancient Greece. I agree though, the right beard can up the ampage make a hot guy hotter.

j. said...

Axelc - Isn't it just a little frustrating? Especially now that straight guys are growing beards.

Musclsvg - Perfect example. Sure Steve Reeves is hot without a beard but is so much yummier with. And I would say he has a trimmed full beard. I think to be a Van Dyke the front hair wouldn't be attached to the sideburns. Don't quote me, though. I'm no beard expert...just a fan :)


JustMe said...

As a gay guy with a beard, I have to agree with you, facial hair does seem IN right now...and I agree with you, on the right guy it looks GREAT. It's weird, mine comes in red even though the hair on my head is dirty blond. Anyhow, NICE drawings here. Your work always looks so academically chiseled. Very manly for a gay dude. For some reason my work comes out more designy and flowery. ;)

Writer said...

It depends on the beard and typically the guy, but the guys that I'm typically attracted to, their beards or even the facial skin where the beard grows always smells so good! I think there's a lot of pheromone there. Hmmm....

Sph1nx said...

Hyppie beard all the way dude hahahahaha, nah i pretty much go crazy for all of em, makes crushes too easy and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to open for hitting on the opposite team which turns into funny situations hahahaha.

j. said...

This Just In - My beard also comes in reddish (except for the one little grey patch...YIKES!) The rest of my hair is darkish brown.
And perhaps my chiseled masculinity is due to my interest in comic book art? I dunno. I've always tried to draw MEN with a focus on the masculine which I figure calls for angular lines.

Writer - Ha ha! I never thought of smelling a guy's facial hair. I always figure it would just smell like lunch (the one bane of the bearded...catching food-stuffs).

Sph1nx - Definitely makes it too easy to hit on the other team. Especially when meeting a Metrosexual with a beard.


Art LeMat said...

Well You certainly make these men look good with beards. Awesome study on hair diversity. Thanks for this!

Nicky Dunbar said...

I love trim facial hair. It shows commitment.
I believe the "Fu Manchu" is typically thinner and extends past the chin. What you've beautifully captured in this drawing is a handle bar mustache.
But as you say, I'm no expert.

j. said...

Art Lemat - Thanks, Art.

Nicky Dunbar - I believe you are correct. I've had a few people tell me what I'd drawn is more typically called a handle-bar. Much appreciated.


jamicweb said...

Love your blog and your work. Your comments about the Chin Strap reminded me of this article at the bottom of the page from NY's Next magazine:
Notice the author's comments on the chin strap and the sarcastic comments about the other options. Anyway, I love the masculinity of your work. I've been a comic book fan for most of my life and your work really appeals to me. Keep it up!