Thursday, January 01, 2009

Baby New Year!

I have a feeling Old Man '08 might hang around for just a little while longer! At Javier's suggestion I thought up this little scenario. Every new year should begin with a little whistlin' optimism!

Happy New Year, all!


Stephen R. said...

The perfect image to welcome in 2009! Love it!

Happy New Year!!!

Peter said...

Happy New Year! Love the cartoon!

Fran├žois said...

Cute idea, even cuter drawing :)

Happy New Year to you too.

Javier said...

Ah yes, the old J Bone sense of humor is back :)

Very cute. i know you did the Zodiac, but you do need to make a more traditional seasonal calendar.

So is there a trade name for the little curly cue that denotes the spring in Baby New Year's step and the little white dust clouds that I am guessing shows the more earthbound steps of Passing Glance Year?

j. said...

Stephen - Thanks.

Peter - Thank you, too.

Francois - Merci.

Javier - Good question. If there is a name for them I don't know it. The cartoon dust clouds are fairly common but the swirly curl I specifically nabbed from French comics. I was a big fan of Asterix as a kid.

Funny you should mention a calendar...I did not receive a calendar for Christmas this year! Shocking! It occurred to me that I could actually MAKE my own calendar this year. Or at the very least upload all those Horoscope drawings and have CafePress make one for me!

However, since drawing the Zodiac I've wanted to create another theme year and have a completed calendar ready before the end of the year.
Seasonal is good, although not everyone has the same seasons similar to what I have up here in the frigid hinterland of Canada.

I'm open to suggestions! What would be a fun theme for a Beefcake calendar?

Happy New Year, all.

musclsvg said...

"Men always make passes at guys with tight asses." Great cartoon. If 2008 just made a resolution to do a few sit-ups he'd still be a "silver fox".

Does anyone know what happened with the HvH Drawings Blogspot? The last entry was in July. I was really looking forward to another one of his hunky Santa Christmas greetings.

Aaron said...

Old Man 2008 is ALREADY a "silver fox"--sit-ups be damned! Make no mistake about it. Damn--you DO know how to draw 'em.

aguamarina said...

amazing staff and talent I love your illustrations!

Patricio OLiver said...

WOW sorry that was my boys blog!