Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hockey Knight in Canada!

So I was originally going to use the hockey drawing as a Guy a Day model...but then I ended up getting in touch with the real flesh and blood model HIMSELF! How fortuitous!
I'm not a Hockey fan, never played on a little league team as a kid, nor have any of my family members. When I found myself reading an article about Hockey in an issue of Xtra it was only because one of the models in the photo shoot was super hot! (There's a teeny tiny little picture at the link). I ended up with these two drawings of him which I'll post as stand alone, non-Guy a Day drawings...for now.
I'll say no more until I get a chance to talk more with him. I'm really hoping to get a chance to draw this guy again.
Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. We're all back to our literal and figurative drawing boards, eh!



Patricio OLiver said...

super archi really totally hot! ahhahaha great job

James Figueiredo said...

Great pics, J - As usual, you totally NAIL the facial and body expressions! The scowl on the first guy's face is awesome!

J. (another one)

C.Edwards said...

This is beautiful. Love love LOVE.

Andrew W said...


You know, I just moved to Toronto, so maybe I'll keep an eye out for this guy... ;)

JC said...

great portraits. yeah, we can't wait for you to draw him again too!

j. said...

Patricio - Thanks.

James - Yeah, this guy has a great look. The funny thing is, having now met him, he's one of the sweetest guys I know and is usually smiling throughout a conversation. But I don't want to destroy his tough guy persona so keep that "sweetest" crud on the QT :)

C.Edwards - Thanks, man.

Andrew W - Hey welcome to the city!

JC - Thanks. I've already got some sketches done up and working on another update.


Josh said...

I'm not that sweet - Jason's full of crap. I'm a giant douche nozzle.

musclsvg said...

All though not a hockey fan, you have captured the best part of any athletic meet for me. That moment when the game is over and the player strips off the gear. There's nothing hotter than an athlete's body still pumped and sweaty from competition. Great job Bone!

j. said...

Josh - Henceforth I shall call you "Summer's Eve".

Musclsvg - Thanks, man. If I were into sports that after game time would probably be my favorite. Especially in the locker room of the losing many wounded egos in need of a manly hug :)


Yziik said...

Wow! those drawings are great, I'm impressed.
It makes me want to draw, but I can't do something like that...I'm despaired...

Anyway, it's always a big pleasure to come to your blog.

Jeff said...

I just caught up with this picture and have to say wow. I hope you draw more of him... and more hockey players too :)

Seocracy said...

josh is a great cat and an old friend. glad to see you captured him so well