Monday, October 26, 2009

Man-Made Man!

Frank makes the scene. How to achieve this look at home: Green body paint, black or dark green body paint for the stitches, ripped jeans or dress pants (dark gray), big ol' belt buckle, big ol' clunky boots and bolts for your neck. You could make the bolts from stuff lying about your cardboard or foam. Hold them on by tying a string around your neck, which you can hide under drawn-in stitches.

Easy peasy!



musclsvg said...

He's alive! Alive!! ALIVE!!! I'm sorry. I've always wanted to do that since the first time I saw Dr. Frankenstein go apeshit over his monster in the lab. Great design Bone! This hunk of musclemeat fresh off the Doctor's slab is horrifically sexy. Just goes to show that even the simplest of costumes is in the details. The neck screws, green body make-up and stitching, even at the torn pant leg, are sure to make any observer go bolt upright. Of course, the cross lacings on his package doesn't hurt either!

Javier said...

Ah, now see. I can imagine that walking down the street at a Halloween Carnival. :)

SCARCEXL said...

There is only one downside to this costume idea: you have to shave your body because Frankenstein monster can't have bodyhair, being made from dead body parts :p

j. said...

Musclsvg - :)

Javier - That's a carnival I'd like to see! Especially if everyone was dressed as my favourite ghouls!

Xavier - Ah, but you could (if you were brave enough) shave parts of your chest as though you were built with hairless man-flesh as well as a hairy man. I also thought that you could tint random parts of your body with a different shade of green to be more of a patchwork man!

Thanks, guys.