Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rough and Sweaty!

This past weekend I watched my first ever Rugby match. Two matches, actually. Though not full games it gave me a great appreciation for the game and the players! It was the players who drew me to watch from the sidelines -- rugged, manly, sweaty and showing no fear whether it came to running the throwing themselves into a dogpile, hoisting a teammate for a line-out or leaping on a sprinter and dragging him to the ground. All with very little, to no padding. It was awesome to behold!
I was itching to sketch some of the more provocative aspects of the game. The line-out is put into play when a ball goes out of bounds. Members from each team are hoisted into the air by men front and back of them. The ball is tossed in-between the two players and whichever team grabs the ball puts it back into play.
If you don't know anything about Rugby, as was my situation until last week, wait until you see what's involved in a Scrum!
I'll tell you this -- Scrum rhymes with Bum! Yum!

Happy Spring, everyone! *

*Or Happy ______ whatever season you are currently enjoying!


eeks said...

awesome work! rugbymen are almost always sexy, especially in action! it would be cool to see a finished version of it!

Lou W said...

Rugbymen are always hot! Hair, big thighs, massive chests!

Your sketch reminds me a bit of a storyboard drawing for a cartoon (for Logo, maybe? You should try to pitch something). Love it!

j. said...

Eeks - Count on it! I'd like to do a few drawings of Rugby men, finished with color and all!

Lou W - :)Pitch Rugbymen as a cartoon? I imagine a village full of Rugbymen all living in mushrooms and drinking at the pub!


Lou W said...

j--Go for it! You could make the gay smurfs of the 21st century!

musclsvg said...

Don't know anything about Rugby except that every time I see photos or footage of it the players all seem to have a capital Y chromosome that's been force fed testosterone. The shirts, the shorts, the grimey, sweat soaked participants. Works for me! Looking forward to seeing this sketch in it's finish form. Bring it on Bone! Scrum what may!!!

j. said...

Lou W - :)

宜佩政霖齊潔 - Thanks. I'll try.

于倫于名 - I haven't -- yet. But it's on my list of things to do.

Musclsvg - I inked the drawing this morning. Can't wait to color it. I'll try to keep it dirty!
And if you can get a chance to watch a real rugby match I highly recommend it. It's incredibly intense!