Monday, October 24, 2011

Summer Sketching!

As Summer falls into Autumn I took a moment to clean up my desk which often becomes cluttered with loose pages of doodles and unfinished sketches. I scanned a few of those pages and share them with you now.

The latest job to come my way is something I'm pretty darned excited about -- I'm drawing an issue of iZOMBIE! The script is by series writer Chris Roberson and has me drawing a lot of fun stuff (Werewolves!). The amazing Mike Allred is the regular artist on the book and as a guest artist I am in with some illustrious company. The first fill-in was by Gilbert Hernandez, and Jay Stephens provided the second. If you haven't been reading iZOMBIE you should.



SCARCEXL said...

Great news! I'll be careful not to miss it! Seems you have a great connection with DC editors those days! :)

musclsvg said...

It's always great to get a glimpse inside your sketchbook, Bone. As great as your finished art is, your sketches have a raw sensuality to them that is very intriguing. Your latest batch is no different. Especially the stud on the couch in the second panel with his arms flung wide displaying his broad, hairy chest and the one raised leg next to his bulging package. The movement from upper left to lower right in the third panel showcases a muscular mechanic, with an incredible set of gum gutters, as he wipes his brow and eventually ends up sitting on a stack of tires. With each step of the progression his physique gets hotter and hotter. Then there's the trio in the fourth panel. The shrugging, shaggy-headed hunk with the teasing treasure trail descending from his navel. The seductive, side long glance of the bearded Blackberry buck. The hand at the end of his arm with the tatt-branded bicep massaging his left pec and framing a racked stack of abs. And finally, the lantern-jawed lug with his track jacket unzipped to the reveal the cleavage of his massive chest matted with dark hair. His sweats clinging to his quads, the contours of his crotch and the waistband rolled and slung low to bare a bit of his Apollo's Belt and reveal a patch of pubes. His hands behind him pushing his hips forward entices the viewer to loosen the drawstring the dangles over his junk. If the work on your new commission is half as erotic, Zombie! will explode off the pages. Congratulations!!

j. said...

Xavier - Thaanks. I'm not sure yet what month it's out but it's issue #21 (which, I think, puts it coming out in December). I do love working with DC :)

Musclsvg - Once again your words create as much of an image as my simple drawings. I thank you.
iZOMBIE isn't exactly erotic but I am trying to infuse the art with the same joy I feel when drawing Beefcake. And I am having fun with it!


dylanio21 said...

I love that you put little bit of background elements.

Thanks to this blog my comics are going to have a lot of really good looking background characters.