Monday, August 27, 2012

Small Town Super Boy!

A commission for a fan who requested Conner Kent in a pose similar to my fab cover drawing from 2009. Any time I've drawn the Kent farm I always like to include the windmill-thingy from the '78 SUPERMAN movie. Still one of the best superhero movies ever made.



Javier said...

I am a sucker for anything with Krypto.
Conner isn't bad either. So just asking. What do you see as the difference between Conner and Clark physically at that age? Apart from the trendy underwear and wristbands. :)

j. said...

Javier - A very good question, and something I hadn't considered when I drew Conner. I think if I were to draw Clark as Superboy I'd draw him less muscular. More like an in-shape farmboy than a gym-trained teen.


Javier said...

Oh and I agree about the 78 Superman. Christopher Reeve IS Superman. Not a brute. Just the perfect man. The Lois Lane helicopter sequence and their first date. And the score. the Kansas stuff always makes me cry, but...
On topic, some of your funnest stuff has been superheroes relaxing (like this and the JLA shower sequence from way back, and Peter Parker, and even Aquaman at the monitor room.) Even the Superfriends covers had lots of birthday parties, etc. Any chance we might get a series of superheroes on downtime? Barry Allen resting his feet in a tub. Bruce Wayne working on the Batmobile. Superman as a couch potato. Aquaman in a bubble bath. Etc.

SCARCEXL said...

Conner with a slightly hairy chest: you won me! :p
Owww, I would kill for a Krypto ongoing series...

musclsvg said...

Great drawing! But Conner looks somewhat mature to be a contemporary of Superboy. The lantern jaw, the hairy chest and the heavily hung package. Plus his physique looks a bit big for that twin bed. Could this be Conner's return to the Kent farm as a man? Looks like he's found the stash of comic and magazines he kept under his bunk. Returning to the old thoughts that used to stimulate a young man's hormone charged body and libido. The things that had a "hand" in developing that large, burgeoning bulge seen between his spread legs. It probably won't be long before that windmill isn't the only thing that's pumping. Thanks for another great graphic, Bone!

Kalabro said...

I'd love to see a drawing of Conner sliding his hand down to his package, a la your drawing of Aquaman on monitor duty

j. said...

Javier - Oddly enough I have a drawing of Superman sitting on a couch waiting beside my computer desk for either scanning as is or to be finished (and then scanned). Superheroes in their downtown sounds like a good project to pursue.

Xavier - Isn't Krypto in the new Superman Family series by Balthazar and Franco? No need to commit murder. :)

Musclsvg - I don't know Conner's history/origin but I imagine him being put up for the night at the Kent farm in either his old room or in the room once occupied by Clark. Ma's probably making sandwiches for lunch even now.


Sean McCormack said...

Gotta love Connor Kent!
So sexy as usual!
I LOVE your straight line to curved line on your anatomy!
Just so awesome!!
I've been trying to copy it for a while now, not there yet, bit syill I'm leaning loads!
So thanks!!!