Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!

Cheyenne Jackson in Xanadu...I've never seen the show but I saw some of the cast perform on Regis and Kelly. And enjoyed this clip with Cheyenne and Nathan Lane and one with two guys interviewing him after a show.

When I ride my bike through the city sometimes it's really hard not to run into things when I see a good looking guy. This guy really (more or less) walked past me the other day and I almost rode through a red light.
p.s. The first image...I love tan lines :)


Chris M || hunk du jour said...

Fantastic site -- I'm so glad I found it via AfterElton this morning. :)

3 Column Grid said...

"p.s. The first image...I love tan lines :)"


Fran├žois said...

That series is among the sexiest man art I've seen!
Great work, keep it up.

leemajors555 said...

beautiful, thank you! I LOVE Cheyenne, and a very good likeness:)

j. said...

Chris M - Glad you found me. I'll have to write Lyle a thank you note for sending folks over.

3 Column Grid - :)

Francois - Thanks!

Lee Major 555 - Thanks. Isn't Cheyenne gorgeous? I'm so glad Xanadu is getting a ton of press because Cheyenne has been on TV almost every day lately. I just saw him perform on the Tony's. *sigh*