Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: GaD!

It's Pride Week here in Toronto which means heading down to Church st. a lot more than usual. The other night I was at Hair of the Dog and couldn't help noticing an extremely tall, oddly handsome waiter/host. I've never asked a person to pose for me so that I could really focus on drawing them well. And I still haven't. But I badly wanted to ask this guy to sit for me for a half hour. I did my best to sketch him in the little book I always carry around. His proportions were really fantastic...kind of a small head on a long neck and over six feet tall. He had to duck to get through doorways.

These guys are just made up. Though I did see someone with the Ipod arm band which inspired the jogger...and the face on the guy dressing was a guy I saw downtown one day.
This weekend is gonna be pretty busy but I will do my best to draw a guy each day. I'll hopefully also sketch while I'm out at the Pride festivities this weekend.
Oh yeah, last post I drew a guy whose picture I found on the net. Well it turns out someone who visits my blog (Hi Thom) knew who the guy was. Check out Eric at his blog KnuckleCrack Eric is a writer, activist and organizer of jump rope parties. Also, you can judge for yourselves just how off I was on the likeness :)
Happy Pride, folks.


James Figueiredo said...

Another great bunch of pictures, J - Love the last one, particularly, it's slightly erotic and the guy looks SO handsome! Also, it's great how his body language works, like he's checking himself on a mirror trying on his shirt.

J. (another one)

P.S.: Since the subject of variety came up on the comments of the last post, how about a bear or two? ;^)

Sph1nx said...

Hehehe, you got him while he had his beard dude. its quite accurate, beside, its about emotions and attitude, that topples ultimate likeness anytime. They're sweet dude !

Javier said...

A second vote for Bachelor Number 3 :)

Johnny B Animation said...

well done, Kudos you

j. said...

James - Thanks, James. Hope you like the bear posted (monday 30th). I saw many fantastic bears this weekend during Pride. One in particular will be a future GaD!

Sph1nx - Attitude in caricature is always important, I think. It's like old Mad parodies...they didn't always get a good likeness but sometimes the acting was dead-on.

Javier - Isn't it great that beards have made a comeback? I can't imagine not having my beard.

Johnny B - Thanks, Johnny B.