Friday, June 06, 2008

A Guy a Day!

I was gabbing with some pals the other day and the subject of how often we update our blogs came up. I admitted I'm somewhat lax and wish I was far more prolific. Common on drawing blogs and message boards is the "Drawing a Day" challenge. I draw pretty much every day but most often it's work or simple doodles that aren't much to look at. Here at Man's Adventure I always want to give you guys some Beefcake, obviously :) Unfortunately my everyday work doesn't include a whole lot of man art.

So I'm going to start something new for myself right now! I'm going to draw a Man a day for the rest of this month. This way I'll (hopefully) update more often and you'll get so much more than just the single drawing I usually post.

What I post won't be finished art but just sketch drawings. I really admire the fantastic sketches Belasco posts on his blog, as well as guys like Dan Panosian, Meatcute, and Johnny B. Those guys all post sketchy, freeform drawings that are really great to look at. Usually I just doodle a few heads or a cartoony bit of nonsense, but I'll try my best to do a complete body every day!

Now, I'm open to requests on this challenge. My imagination is limited...I'm a chest man so most of my Beefcake is frontal. If anyone has a pose or model or character you think would be fun for me to draw feel free to suggest it. I love hearing from you guys!!

So without further blather from's todays GUY!

Oh, I lied. A little more blather...a new photographer recently caught my eye (a Dudetube recommendation, I think). I love this guys pictures. He reminds me a little of David LaChapelle in his candy colours and imaginative staging...and he's kind of a hottie, too. Check out Aaron Nace, you'll be glad you did.




Andrew W said...

This is going to be the best month ever!

Johnny Bacardi said...

You had me going for a minute there, JB- I thought you had been looking at my LiveJournal!

-the other, less talented Johnny B

Fabrissou said...

Your art is amazing !
Thank you

j. said...

Andrew - Woo hoo! Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

Johnny B - Ah, Mr. Bacardi. There are many kinds of talent. You are like Daredevil. What you lack in drawing ability you make up for with clever musings and a keen sense of smell.

Fabrissou - Thank you, sir. Your flattery does wonders for my ego.


leemajors555 said...

Awesome pic! You're a chest guy, I'm a "foot" guy, so this first sketch was perfect for me! Thank you:)

Fran├žois said...

Great idea.
I love the openess of sketches.

Javier said...

Ah...suggestions !

Well, since the Olympics are comming up, you could always do a parade of Olympic athletes. Discus. Javelin. Gymnast. Swimmer. Runner. etc. That might help with inspiration for poses, as well.

Or unlikely TV heartthrobs like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs or Anderson Cooper.

Oh and the 28th is my b-day, so Rod Rodgers, Superman, Steve Trevor, Ron Ely, or Jody McCrea would be appreciated. :)

Nickel said...

You're too good to us, J. This first guy — whew!! (I'm partial to receding hairlines, body hair, and facial hair or stubble . . . so this dude trips my trigger in all the right ways.)

Looking forward to checking in more often! Thanks.

Javier said...

Hmmmmm. Sunday and no new drawing. Now, you didn't say you would post everyday...just draw everyday.

So since you started on the 6th that means 26 little pencil guys drawn in the month of June?

I am just wondering if you have set up some sort of incentive (or punishment) for yourself to make sure you acheive your vision quest.


Are you going to sell the sketches? Looks to me like Little Doodle Guy #1 is very popular.

Or maybe a raffle on July 1?

j. said...

Lee Major - Happy to oblige. It's coming up on summer and I love drawing flip-flops so more bare feet are comin' up!

Francois - Thanks. It's been fun so far.

Javier - Thanks for all the great suggestions. Definitely some Olympic drawings would be fun. I'm also a fan of Mike Rowe AND Anderson Cooper. Great idea. I figure eventually I'll draw a few guys from photographs and some caricature types would be fun.

Nickel - Ha ha! I figure by the end of this month you'll all know what my particular partialities are :) It's already pretty clear that I prefer chest and facial hair.

Javier part II - Sorry, yeah...not a new post everyday. Just that when I do post there'll be more drawings up. I'm thinking I'll try to post twice a week though. Maybe Mondays and Thursdays?

26 little guys...and maybe more. I've got a few ideas that need at least two fellas. I hadn't thought of selling them...mostly because I'm just drawing on standard issue photocopy paper in pencil. However, this could be just the thing to put together in a sketchbook and make the whole kit available. Hmm...

Oh, and no punishment planned if I miss a day :) My incentive is two fold...wanting to increase me cache of man art and to give you guys a whole lot more Beefcake.

Thanks for writing guys. Update coming tomorrow.


C.Edwards said...

Now I feel guilty for not posting often enough...

It's funny you should say that since I always feel like I'm copping out for not putting up more finished stuff.

j. said...

C. Edwards - Hey man, I usually feel the same. But I don't get much time to finish Beefcake these days and thought this little challenge is a good compromise. Less finished art, more frequent posting. And if anyone wants to, say, ink and/or colour the sketches I'm posting them at a fairly large size :)


Anonymous said...

I love this guy and the pose you have him in, you're very talented. Keep it up.