Wednesday, July 08, 2009

From Flesh to Photoshop!

Since the last update, right after Pride, I've been doing a lot of sketching from the photos I took of hot Pride men! I thought it'd be more of a challenge to make each drawing an illustration rather than just a sketch of a guy in basically the same pose as my photo. So I'm playing around with cartooning the guys, or putting them in fabricated scenarios. At this point I'm not even sure if the guy in the chair is based on anyone in particular! I suppose loosely he's based on a few different guys I saw.

I'm well into collecting my drawings together for the sketchbook. I'll keep you all posted on it's progress and give some sneak peaks of things as I work up cover ideas and themes. Already I find that I've done quite a few more leather drawings than I ever thought! Is it because leather outfits are superheroic in design? Is it my love of He-Man expressing itself as leather harnesses?



Unknown said...

the guy in the chair is "clone high"ish to me. is that crazy? i love the leather fella. :)

musclsvg said...

What a great pair of graphics. The first looks like an amalgum of Luc LaTullipe and the '50s artist Shag. Two artist who really know how to use a pencil. The silver-tipped leather bear is you to the bone. Yaow! Life size cut-outs of this stud will be sold. Right? Glad to hear work is progressing on your collection. Don't worry, you can't have too many drawings of males in harness. Afterall, a leather jock is a package that says, "Open me first!".

j. said...

Modusa - Clone High is not crazy thinking. I LOVE that show! I think it's the thick solid black outline that does it!

Musclsvg - Life sized cut-outs would be awesome. I've still got my Jett Vector cut-out made for a convention a few years back. I love seeing my art done up large. My dream is still to have an action figure line of various beefy men. And by "action figure" I mean 12inch Barbie sized 'dolls'! You have to be able to dress and undress 'em!

"Open Me First" would make a great book title! I love it! :)


Graphite Studio said...

Gotta say the leather guy is HOT.
Great job on these, its always nice to see some new work pop up.