Thursday, October 22, 2009

Costume Count!

Halloween is just around the corner! It's definitely become my favourite Holiday of the year as Church st. becomes a carnival of costumes and parties until the Great Pumpkin comes! I've been busy with work and not had a chance to create a costume for myself at all this year! I'm searching for inspiration, I think.
In the comments section last post Musclsvg put a question to me thus: "What would be your ultimate Halloween costume design? "

The Ultimate anything is a difficult request to fill. I have so many things I'd love to see as costume for Halloween or just every day life :) that I can't draw fast enough to get them all down. So, I thought what I'd do is draw up a few ideas I've got for Beefcake Costumes that play on some of my own personal favourite fantasies! As cartoony as the proportions are in my drawings I've tried to consider each costume as if it were to be worn by a "real" man.

First up is Vlad The Impaler! Very simple. Very, I think, sexy! I think it'd be hot to see the guy with the cape pulled across his chest at first before the big reveal as he swoops in for the big bite! Swoon!

I'll post as I finish each drawing, hopefully each day...though I can't promise it :)

If anyone has any requests as I go along feel free to post in the comments. I've got my own ideas but am not at all opposed to inspiration from all y'all!



Nickel said...

Impaler? Heh-heh. No way that entendre is unintended. You're the best, J. And the drawing is fantastic, as usual. Always love seeing your latest stuff.

grapestain said...

You know, back in the days when I thought I was a vampire and read any book that claimed a shred of historical verification of Vlad The Impaler, I learned that Mr. Head on a Spike was indeed a fan of bum fun. So, there you go.

j. said...

Nickel - Thanks. Impaler an entendre? I'm not sure what you mean.

Grapestain - Oh! Now I get it!


Lou W said...

Love to see a spaceman, bubble helmet and all (shirtless, of course!) holding a raygun, with an alien prince kneeling by his side, holding onto his the spaceman's thigh...

j. said...

Lou Wysocki - So would I. mean for me to draw it? Okay!



musclsvg said...

Well, sucks! I never dreamt when I asked about your ultimate costume design that it would spawn a series of drawings. Now the days leading up to All Hallows' Eve will be a parade of tricks that are sure to be treats. What a great way to start off. I've long resented the fact that women think Dracula is strictly heterosexual and their private property. Who's to say he couldn't be a "man-pire"? Guys offer more to suck that just blood. Which would make The Count our "privates" property!!

Sorry for the "pun"ishing rhetoric. Can't wait to see the rest of the dangerous dudes in disquise. Oh swell!! Now I'm spouting lame alliteration. Someone stop me! Pulleeease!!!

j. said...

Musclsvg - crazy! :)


musclsvg said...

Yeah Bone, you're right. Unfortunately you're not the first to notice. Still, with the way you draw figures in action it would be great to see you tackle a "Man-pire" descending on his studly prey. Whatca think?

SCARCEXL said...

This little bat button is so nicely. Eh, Ernie Colon has just finished drawing a big book about Vlad the Impaler! Are you a fan of Ernie?

j. said...

Xavier - In truth, I am not a Colon fan. Not there's anything wrong with his art, he's incredibly good at the moody Horror books he works on. His art is just not my cup of...blood!