Thursday, October 01, 2009

Raising The Bar!

Looking a lot tougher than he did in person, is my drawing of the tattooed guy from last weeks post. I say tougher because in person he was laughing and having a good time with his friends. Which is what attracted me in the first place (beyond the muscled frame, good looks, and tattooed hotness :) I most likely wouldn't have felt the urge to draw him right there at the bar if they had not looked like such a fun group!
This fella is another Woody's delight. I had seen him around a few times but on one particular evening he was wearing this t-shirt, a look for which I am an instant sucker (minds out of the gutter, boys ;) A shirt like this makes broad shoulders look even broader...accentuating that "V" torso that I so adore! I took a memory snapshot and drew him as best I could once I got home.

Now, let me ask you guys a question...because this topic has come up a few times in conversation with friends: When you see someone at a bar to whom you're attracted what is your approach?
Ladies, please feel free to weigh in as well! I like to hear all sides!



SCARCEXL said...

Gosh, they are so good looking.
As for me, I would do nothing expect stare like a frightened chicken in the middle of the road, at night, would look at the car racing toward him.

j. said...

Xavier - A frightened chicken, eh? Well, that's no way to pick up men :)

Staring sometimes works, though. So long as you aren't also sweating...

Last night at the bar I watched as a guy circled the room, searching constantly, never locking eyes with anyone but desperately searching for something. He stood near my friend and I a few times and I know he saw me checking him out but apparently didn't see what he was looking for :)


musclsvg said...

Great graphics, but talk about Yin and Yang. These two guys seem poles apart. Still there are similarities. Both are tall and well built; looking hot in their slim fitting jeans. One with torn denim, while the other faded, but both well "packaged". Of the two, the first seems more intimidating with the his tatts and rough demeanor, but look a little closer. He's showing a fair amount of skin. The large hole in his pant's leg and the Levis riding well below his tight, tank top. The clencher though is the pubes sprouting just above his low slung waistband. That's something he wants you to see. In the final analysis, he seems to be saying he's open and available as opposed to the second stud that's completely cover. So the choice is yours: the seemingly rough and dangerous guy or discovering what's beneath the sexily concealed. That's a problem I'd take any day of the week, but you have to talk to them first. Try for any opening. "Gee, it's crowded here tonight." "I've never tried that brand of beer. How is it? If they don't respond it's their loss. Then again they might say: "Yeah it's packed, but I'm into pushing and pulling" or "It's a great brew. I'm always up for a foaming head." Okay, best case scenarios, but you never know until you try.

Jon said...

Thank you for the generous depiction, if only I were that built. Im flattered that you want to draw me right there in the bar, feel free to do it anytime!

grapestain said...

I think direct is pretty much the best way to go. "Hi, handsome. Can I get you a beverage?" I say beverage, not drink, because you're not assuming he's drinking booze. He might just like cranberry and gingerale.

You could also try "Hi, I'm J. I like Submariner and crochet, would you like to come over some time to see my collection of erotic amigurumi?" You could leave out the erotic part if you're too shy.

"Hi, I'm J. I draw Wonder Woman for DC Comics. Do you like tights?"

Hmm...maybe not.

"Hi, I'm J. What's your name? I like your shirt. It's sporty."

Hey, that's a winner. Non-threatening and friendly. Just like you!

Racier version: "Hi, I'm J. What's your name? Can I rub your tattoo/chest hair/belt buckle for luck?"

Happy hunting, fellas.

Unknown said...

I'm more apt to just put a happy little smile on and start with small talk at the bar. A little friendliness and easy charm goes a long way!

Heck, I'd chat you up at the first opportunity! But I'm definitely not sketch-worthy ;-)

j. said...

Musclsvg - As ever, you've got such a vibrant way of putting things :) In reality, though, the second guy is much shorter than the first. I'd say he was about 5'7"-5'9"...but you're right that both tell a different story. Part of that story involves my interpretation of them and in that regard I'm intrigued by what you saw. Perhaps I viewed Beefcake number one as approachable but not Beefcake number two. He's shyly stroking his chin, holds his beer close to him and stands rather stiffly.

Re: talking to guys at the bar, I most definitely aim for the bold approach but don't always succeed.

Jon - Thanks, man. I just draw 'em like I see 'em ;) I'll start carrying around my sketchbook so I don't have to draw on the newspaper next time.

Grapestain - I definitely like the last option...rubbing something for luck...and for getting lucky. I may just try that.

Hal - Truly the best approach is the honest approach. I would say that "You never know who I'll draw"...but anyone looking through my blog can suss out pretty well what my "type" is!

Something I learned the other night when considering talking to someone...just go do it. Too much thinking and planning only leads to nervousness. I'm much better just chatting with someone off the cuff, no expectations.


Fran├žois said...

These are two really cool drawings. I'd say the second guy is more to my taste, not that it matters.

I wanted to tell you I've finally read your issue of Super Friends, and that was a fun comic (of course, Bizarro stories are always fun). All the characters looked like they'd lived on Jupiter for too long (not your fault, I know), but the whole package looked really good.

j. said...

Fran├žois - Oh, it matters :)

Glad you liked the Super Friends. I'm drawing another issue now and have to remember to keep in mind the Jovian anatomy. I always think of them as He-Man figures with big feet. Those bodies are all muscle!


regehitze said...

im a pretty playful girl so i usually go up to the person (gender neutral since i'm bi) and tap their elbow then i smile, tilt my head, and bite my lip. if i get a positive reaction, just...start flirting and teasing. if not, then oh well, walk away, no harm no foul.

Hedrus said...

Great blog man. Really like your style. Power to the bear artists!!!