Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday: GaD!

Hey, it's my 99th post and it's also my last Guy a Day post for the month of June. I'm going to aim for the same dedication in July...though it may be hard to post with the same regularity. Work is about to pick up big time. In fact the last image is my real FedEx delivery guy handing me my work for the next month.

I've drawn this kind of guy a few times for my blog. He's kind of a goofy version of a 50's greaser, and totally my type. I suspect he's actually shaving in a Garage washroom after being on the road all night. This weekend's Toronto Pride was great. I took every opportunity I could get to store images of guys in my memory bank (and my digital camera). Those photos should inspire some fun Guy a Day drawings over this next month. James F. requested a bear type and since I'm a little partial to wildlife myself I sketched the above. A guy very much like this was hanging out by a Tim Hortons (very Canadian) this weekend. I clicked my brain camera and did my best to draw him later. I loved his dark beard and called him Captain Haddock after the Tintin character.

So many faux hawks this weekend. That and the skinny jean are the new style that reminds me just how old I'm getting. I hated wearing skinny jeans in high school and will not be buying a pair! The twist that I love is that guys are now wearing the skinny jean with a saggy waist so that their underwear sticks out the top. It's like a saggy-skinny. Basically the shape of an ice cream cone. Hot!
Oh, and I apologize to real skateboarders who may see this image...I did not reference my board but drew from memory. I've drawn skateboards enough to know the basics but not the actual style of board the "kids" are riding today :)

And my dear FedEx man! Always friendly and always a delight to get a package from him.
I hope everyone had or is having a great Pride. I've seen a few photos from San Francisco and New York. If anyone has links to their own Pride events and wants to share please feel free to do so in the comments area. I'd love to see more worldwide celebrations!


Unknown said...

Your GaD series is totally awesome! Especially love the variety of guys you draw, unlike some artists who always draw the exact same thing *cough* Patrick Fillion *cough*. :-)

Maybe for July you should switch gears and ink/color the June guys? Not that I'm complaining about the way things are, mind you.

Unknown said...

Simply GREAT! I'm already a fan

James Figueiredo said...

Hey, I see a bear - Thanks, man!:)
Love the skater guy, he has a "Paul Pope" vibe to him that really suits the kind of laid-back attitude he seems to express.

Great one, J, looking forward to the next batches!

Javier said...


Somebody ELSE gets THEIR request granted on MY birthday.


The shaving guy is a lot of fun. Apart from his obvious attributes, the extreme curves and angles of the face, chin and hair are a blast.

He skirts the lines of those "grotesque" images that artists make. It begs the question, "How extreme can you make a character, before a handsome character becomes unattractive?"

What a contrast to the ulta soft, cuddly Fed-Ex face. And don't take this the wrong way, but I love the mouth on Fed-Ex guy. Reminds me a little of Jeff Smith's Bone characters.

j. said...

Jon - Thanks. I'm considering inking the guys eventually...but for now I think I'll stick to sketches each day. It's a good warm-up for my work day.

Fefeto - Thanks, man.

James - More bears to come. But see what you made me do? I upset Javier with your Bear on his Birthday! ;)

Javier - Begging forgiveness with my late-in-the-day update!
I really appreciate your detailed observations. It lets me know that adding little things doesn't go unnoticed. I've often played with how grotesque a handsome face can get. In fact the shaving character is meant to be an opposite to the classic handsome man. He's got a protruding upper lip, ridiculous chin, short nose and ridiculous almost mullet-like hair. And yet I still think he's a dreamboat :)

Thanks again for all the great comments guys. And so begins July!