Monday, June 09, 2008

GaD: Saturday, Sunday, Monday!

It was a hot weekend here in Toronto and I've got barbecue and summer activities on the brain. Thanks for all the comments so far, guys. I'm looking forward to hearing thoughts on this batch. The last image is a little bonus...two guys for the price of one!

A little explanation for the multiple arms...I couldn't decide which was the best pose and in the end decided it was funnier, and showed the poor guy's nervous frustration, to have all the arms in the final.
Next update: Thursday


Andrew W said...

Love them all, but there's something especially sexy about that third one. There's a whole glorious smutty little story going on in there. Or am I exposing my own inner fiend here?

If you're still looking for suggestions, have you considered doing the seasons, a la Mucha? Or even a full calendar of the months, to complement your Zodiac. Then there's the Chinese Zodiac, of course. Dragon dude, rooster dude, etc! Or a series of national stereotype hunks! I'm just full of ideas for things for other people to do, I am...

Fabrissou said...

I think you are my FAVOURITE ARTIST of all times.
Do you take comissions ?
DO you sell art ?
Do you want to marry me ?

northernvault said...

I really enjoy your work. I appreciate the time you're putting in for your daily sketches -- you never know when inspiration will hit!

I appreciate the stories each of these drawings tell. They're funny and sexy.

Thanks again! Mind if I add you to my blogroll? I just started a new blog myself -- please drop by :-)

leemajors555 said...

lol, these are great! Glad to see the "flips" in the first pic:) Side note: are you going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year?

Javier said...

I think that last couple is more than cute. I hope you keep them together and bring them back in some other situations.

And I just though of a classic beefcake character...

Mike Grell's version of Cosmic Kid.

j. said...

Andrew W - Great ideas, all. I've been wanting to tackle the Chinese Zodiac since finishing the Astronomical. As for the last image, I take no responsibility for exposing anyone's inner fiend :)

Fabrissou - *Blush*...Sorry, I don't do commissions right now...I sell my comic book art through Albert Moy (see link in side-bar) and eventually plan on putting together a book this year...and I'm flattered by the offer but am spoken for.

Gear luvr - Your blog definitely inspires...both drawings and dirty thoughts. Glad you enjoyed the humour in the drawings as well as the Beef. I always enjoy more lighthearted approaches to my smut ;)

Lee Major 555 - I thought you might enjoy that! And sadly no San Diego for me this year.

Javier - Chances are pretty good the faces will start to become familiar. As I said I don't have much of an imagination and will often draw the same face on different characters. The hairy guy in the last one is already a favourite. Funny about the Mike Grell Cosmic Kid...some of the as-far-as-I-know straight artists from the 80's drew fairly "gay" costumes. Mike Grell drew Warlord for a while, George Perez gave Nightwing his low cut Titans outfit as well as putting Superman in barbarian garb. I'm not complaining, mind you...just saying is all.


Unknown said...

Great, great & Great!!!!!

j. said...

Fefeto - Gracias, Gracias y Gracias!